A new social app that brings out the best in our humanity.
  • Our health and diseases are closely linked to environments we build: Cultural environments, physical ones we enjoy as cities/ buildings/ naturescapes, social relationships and systems all impact our vulnerability to disease to a great extent. So it’s the job of healthcare to get involved in these areas.
  • Health is a global issue that is best addressed as a global family of people interested in building a healthier, happier world. This means rethinking how we do healthcare. Our system connects and makes communication easier for medical practitioners to collaborate with coaches around the world.
  • Based on what we know about human neurobiology, working on projects we Love, and building real, lasting things into the world extend our life… On the average, 20 years.
  • You can’t be filled with hate when you’re actively working on something you truly Love. By focusing humanity on Love, meaningful productivity and connection, the app stands to change the world…

“Our ultimate goal is to create a world without anxiety or depression in the next 10 years!”

How does it work? You pay a monthly membership fee to get access to the platform. Once you do, you can learn the basics of health and disease, get tools to track your health vitals, meet people interested in the health issues that interest you and develop projects to create solutions that we’ve been waiting our governments to develop for decades now.

“I strongly believe, that we have both good and the bad inside us. As impulsive as it is to be attracted to the scary, anger provoking things we hear… In my 15 years as a trauma counselor, I’ve seen over and over again that, humans are even more interested in finding the solutions. They’re more interested in positive interactions with others than the angry monologues and the cunning attacks so common today. And that’s why we’ll succeed.”

She’s definitely determined to do so. And we’re waiting eagerly for the launch date.




Health Educator/ Children’s Advocate/ Futurist/ Product Designer/ Encourager of Love & Kindness/ Founder of BestCoach

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Funda Yilmaz

Funda Yilmaz

Health Educator/ Children’s Advocate/ Futurist/ Product Designer/ Encourager of Love & Kindness/ Founder of BestCoach

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