Why I’m still alone at 37
Melissa Hughes

Oh goodness! There are shelves of books in every bookstore and library filled with valuable relationship advice. Why not check some out? In the mean time, have you thought about eHarmony? I’m serious! I’m talking specifically about eHarmony, not just any old internet dating site. To get started, you fill out a form that requires you to assess your wants, needs, must haves, nice to haves, etc., exactly like the ones you are discussing here. This questionnaire has been scientifically formulated to work! Fill it all out as completely and thoroughly as possible, and only respond to those who have likewise completely filled out theirs. I married late at 32, divorced at 44, met my match on eHarmony one month later and was remarried 14 months after that to the love of my life (four years younger than I, and ten years younger than my ex, btw. ) Once you’ve learned the lessons, as you have, you know how to apply them when the search becomes analytical. It really works! Love yourself first. Have utmost respect for yourself. Appreciate how wonderful you are. Then look with an open mind and an open heart for someone else to love, respect, and appreciate, and who will reciprocate. But don’t settle for he-will-do. The planet is filled with potential mates perfect for you!

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