Data about you, what you do, how you feel, where you live, what you eat is the driving force behind person-centric health. Corporations want to own it, researchers want to study it, and every day, companies are finding new ways to collect more of it. Hackers know it’s valuable too; 1 in 4 security breaches are health-related, creating a multibillion dollar black market for health data and a multibillion dollar economic remediation burden for health providers. Yet, we as individuals can’t get to it, often don’t understand it, and can’t control who uses it.

At BurstIQ, we believe it’s time to change this. We believe people should own their data and should be able to decide who sees it, when they can see it, and what they can do with it. We believe that instead of corporations and hackers profiting from your data, you should be able to protect and profit from your data.

That’s why we created the BurstIQ Platform — a purpose-built platform for the person-centric revolution. A platform for the Health Singularity.


At BurstIQ, we believe…

  • You should own your data
  • You should have access to all your data in one place
  • You should have confidence that your data is safe
  • You should be able to trust and understand your data
  • You should be able to control who accesses your data
  • You should be able to help society with your data


It’s simple. Make the world a healthier place.


Empower people.

Establish a LifeGraphTM for everyone on the planet. Make it free, simple to access, easy to use and secure. Provide individuals with the power to own, understand, use, and share their health data.

Expand health access.

Make the latest health advances accessible to everyone. Establish an open marketplace where new technologies, precision medicine services, clinical research studies and wellness benefits are available and intelligently tailored to individuals based on their LifeGraphTM profiles. Enable individuals to control what they see and enable solution providers to target the right audience at the right time.

Engage care providers.

Make it easy to leverage the power of data to optimize clinical outcomes and business operations. Minimize the effort required to incorporate new technologies into practice and utilize advanced analytics to create personalized care plans, increase patient engagement and drive down the cost of care.

Enable research and discovery.

Create a deep learning environment that continuously expands the knowledge of an individual to improve relevance and impact. Inspire new research, facilitate collaboration, and foster an environment of fast-paced learning. Enable researchers to connect directly with the right participants, reducing the cost and time-scale of both academic and commercial research.

Establish the authoritative secure data record.

Provide the framework for individuals and organizations to create secure, authoritative, and verified data sets. Provide a data marketplace where data owners can donate or sell their data, and purchase other data, without compromising security or ownership rights.


The BurstIQ Platform stores, manages, transfers and analyzes large, complex data sets by combining three core capabilities:

  • an innovative approach to securing data through extended blockchain constructs,
  • complex data rights management using smart contracts and dynamic permissioning, and
  • machine intelligence to empower continuous learning.

The platform consists of three distinct service levels: Secure Data Grid, LifeGraphTM, and Ecosystem.

Scalability & Real-Time Analytics

Scaling within traditional blockchain is already experiencing issues. According to some experts, “its highest transaction throughput is effectively capped at maximum block size divided by block interval. …Today’s representative blockchain such as Bitcoin takes 10 min or longer to confirm transactions, achieves 7 transactions/sec maximum throughput.”1 This scaling challenge is driven by two factors. First, traditional blockchain requires a proof-of-work by untrusted nodes before a block is placed into the chain. This type of latency (on the scale of minutes) is an inhibitor to high-throughput data ingestion. Second, traditional blockchain data is stored as raw files on a disk.

While this approach is helpful for portability, it makes finding any one piece of data untenably slow. The only search mechanism that is natively available is a file system search for basic string (grep) matching; there is no support for complex Boolean algebra, set operations or GIS-based queries.

The healthcare industry accounted for approximately 153 exabytes of data in 2013, and that number is expected to rise to 2,314 exabytes by 2020

BurstIQ’s proprietary BurstChainTM technology addresses both of these limitations. First, by replacing the traditional proof-of-work mechanism with a voting paradigm amongst trusted nodes and a consensus model at the persistence layer, latency is reduced to sub-second. The platform provides a frictionless data input and access layer that supports several interfaces (FHIR, HL7, XML, EDI, X12, JSON, CSV, XLSX and others) and has support for multiple transports (HTTPS, SFTP, Queue, Stream, WebSocket and others). Data can be received from multiple data sources (i.e. batch, streaming, IoT and others).

To address searchability, BurstChainTM includes an intelligent abstraction layer that supports various persistent data stores: a NoSQL-based blockchain protocol, industry standard blockchain protocols, Graph DB, traditional RDBMS, and NoSQL engines. This unique architecture allows for high-throughput scalability and near-real-time searchability, both of which are essential to support the large volumes of data generated by the healthcare industry.

In the first 12 months of operation, the BurstIQ platform processed 25 billion data points.

Immutability & Auditability

Traditional databases have no native capability to preserve changes over time to a set of data. Techniques have been developed to provide a historical view, but none have leveraged blockchain’s immutable journal and provability.

BurstChainTM is a permissioned blockchain that ensures immutability and auditability through on-chain smart contracts, timer-based events, and on-chain analytics. Smart contracts can be written with the intent of creating new assets, transferring assets, and updating assets. When a data owner updates their asset, the platform is able to preserve the traceability of the change and allow only the current version to be used within the platform. This allows the platform to perform two essential functions: update an asset without violating immutability, and provide an audited transaction trail of an asset.

Data Rights Management / Ownership

Within the BurstIQ platform, ownership of assets is strictly enforced. Data is only available through implicit access via ownership definitions at the data object level or explicit access via owner-created Consent Contract(s).

To achieve this, BurstChainTM utilizes Verified data elements built upon a Self-Aware Data Object model. The self-aware data object model couples the core data with ownership and use profiles that drive data relationships. Utilizing this approach enables the BurstChainTM to grant implicit access and rights to the data elements through data element itself rather than through a table or database.

These features, from the security mechanisms, to Big Data scaling and analytics, to immutability and auditability, to advanced data rights management, all position the BurstIQ Secure Data Grid as the only solution that meets the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

Security: Data Cloaking, Sharding and Encryption

Traditional blockchain does nothing to protect data; all data on the chain is open and transparent. In the healthcare context, this is a non-starter, as Protected Health Information (PHI) must be protected to comply with HIPAA requirements.

The BurstIQ Secure Data Grid is designed on the fundamental principle that data at rest is data at risk. It leverages cryptography and proprietary protection schemes to ensure that data is constantly in motion and encrypted at multiple layers throughout the environment. Individual shards are encrypted into secure data containers, and a multi-key management approach is used to protect against information loss and maintain strict access controls. Moreover, the platform’s patent-pending approach enables permitted access to encrypted information without requiring the typical processing overhead associated with data-at-rest protection methods. Data cloaking allows varying levels of access to be provided across temporal and physical domains, supporting multiple secured communities of interest. These elements provide security and dynamic consent capability in one platform.





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