Functional Programming hubs and who is using it 👋

In the past 3–4 years we have seen a huge growth in functional programming, both from the amount of developers learning the languages and the companies moving over to it.

The increase in use has been amazing, but we all know it’s just the beginning. As the job market becomes ever more competitive it makes sense for Developers to stay on top of their game and keep up with all the latest technologies. At Functional Works we encourage engineers and companies to consider working with languages such as Scala, Clojure, Haskell and more recently, Elixir to stay competitive. If you sign up to our platform you can access o some of the best Functional Programming roles in the world.

The focus of this Blog series is to tell you about the cities where Functional languages are used the most, what Cities are up and coming, and who are the main Companies. We will start with Europe.


London is probably the epicentre of functional opportunities in Europe. The size of the population, the growing tech industry, and the inward investment in the City make it a great place to learn or further your use of Functional languages.

Estimated number of FP developers — 4000

Top FP Meetups to attend;

London Functionals

London Scala Users Group —

London Clojurians —

Estimated number of roles live right now.

Scala — 900

Clojure — 110

Haskell — 40

Erlang — 30

Elm — 15

Elixir — 10

F# — 50

Some Companies we know use FP

  • Skyscanner (JVM)
  • Net a Porter (Scala)
  • Social Superstore (Clojure)
  • Funding Circle (Clojure)
  • Jane Street (Ocaml & Haskell)
  • Aesthetic Integration (Haskel & Ocaml)


The Dutch capital is full of open and creative spaces and has seen its tech scene grow a lot in recent years. No wonder Bloomberg just made a claim that Amsterdam could be the next Global tech hotspot. A smaller population of around 800,000 means a smaller direct market. However, the cost of setting up and living here is much lower than London which is why Bloomberg claims Amsterdam is a magnet for those ready to set up and trial their ideas and Companies.

Estimated number of FP developers — 3500

Top FP Meetups to attend;

Amsterdam.scala —

Amsterdam Clojurians —


Rough number of Live roles;

Scala — 300

Clojure — 12

Haskell — 9

Some Companies we know use FP

Vandebron (Scala)

4C Insights (Scala)

Quby (Scala)

Adgoji (Clojure) (Clojure)


Another hub of creativity and openness, Berlin is home to some of the best and fastest growing tech companies in Europe. Berlin is definitely on the up, but it is behind in some areas (First VC fund is only 4 years old). There has been a lot of hype around Berlin in recent years but the city is keen to get down to business. This year Berlin was host to Scala Days where the best Scala developers all met for a week. Expect Berlin to grow and grow.

Estimated number of Functional developers — 2000

Top Meetups to attend:

Scala User Group —

The Functional Club —

Clojure Berlin Dojo —

Estimated number of Live roles;

Scala — 150

Clojure — 20

Erlang — 30

Some Companies we know use FP

Soundcloud (Scala & Clojure)

Zalando (Scala & Clojure)

Applift (Scala)

Honorable mentions






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