Results of our Second Functional Programming Meetup

11 November 2015

LDN Functionals #2

Timelapse of our meetup

We organised the second meetup of London Functional Programmers mid October, in our Shoreditch offices. Thank you to everyone who turned up, 42 in all, and especially to our speakers Quentin Leonetti, Kris Jenkins, and Yan Cui.

Quentin gave a talk on “Creative Prototyping in Clojure”, which involved live coding music and animations.

Yan gave a talk on “F# in the Real World”, which was an explanation of his F# work at Gamesys where he was able to cut costs by 90%.

Kris gave a talk on “Elm for Real World Websites”. The recording is now available on our Youtube channel or you can watch it embedded below.

The Recording of Kris’ Talk

LDN Functionals #4

The London Functional Programmers meetup is for sharing and learning about functional languages / topics. If you want to attend next month visit the Meetup page. If you would like to give a talk message us on Twitter or through Meetup.

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