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Nov 3, 2016 · 4 min read

Update — 4th Novemeber

After a great response to this post we have been flooded with loads of more great blogs to follow. We’ve updated the list. Keep ’em coming, everyone!

Also, we have included a new section dedicated to posts on getting started with Functional Programming. We never want Functional Programming to seem unreachable to anyone. We want to see the languages grow it’s users and we’ve always been dedicated to providing that info. Hope you like the info blogs/posts we’ve listed.

Thanks everyone!

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Here at Functional Works we are busy building the best place to find your next role using Functional Programming. We’ve become the go to place for functional programmers looking for roles that use Scala, Clojure, Haskell, Erlang, Elixir and F#.

One of the best things about the functional programming space is the enthusiasm engineers have for each language. Every day we see great blogs and posts dedicated to growing the language. So we’ve decide to provide a quick list of the blogs we love and think you should follow.

Functional Programming


A beautifully clean blog on F#, Elm and Elixir.

Lambda the Ultimate

Loads of information here on different languages but also structures and techniques.

Brent -> [String]

A functional programming blog with a long history. Definitely one to have on your tabs.


Scala Lang

Where else to start then with the language itself. Managed by the people at EPFL, it has contributions from developers all over the world.

Cake Solutions tech blog.

Cake Solutions are Scala experts and they have an excellent blog and newsletter dedicated to all the latest news in Scala.

Haoyi’s Programming Blog

Musing on the language. We especially like the post on Scala.js.

ScalaC Blog

Also a world class dev agency using Scala with all their clients. Tons of posts here on Scala, but also loads of other functional languages.


Juxt Blog

A fantastic blog that highlights all the companies and projects that Clojure is being used in.


Of course we couldn’t leave out Cognitect, the creators of Clojure. Regular posts from Rich Hickey and Clojure experts like Alex Miller.


A weekly blog on everything Clojure.

Steve losh

An excellent blog page. Definitely read the Caves of Clojure series


Neil Mitchell’s Blog

Neil is an excellent Haskell engineer based in London. He praises and critiques Haskell quite well here.

Haskell for all

Sink your teeth into this very technical blog.

Haskell Weekly

A very good compilation of weekly Haskell posts.

Bartosz Milewski’s Programming Cafe

Highly detailed blog covering aspects of Haskell.

There’s a great section on Haskell here, but plenty more to dig into also.

The Comonad.Reader

Interesting blog that, among other posts, looks into the reasons Haskell hasn’t caught on mainstream yet.


Elixir Dose

Highlighting the merits of a young language.

Elixir Status

Pulls in load of different comments about Elixir.


Sergey Tihon’s Blog

A weekly run through of the the weeks F# news.

Rachel Reese

It’s mostly F#


Joe Armstrong — Erlang and other stuff

The languages designer and his thoughts on Erlang.

Erlang Solutions

The main Erlang dev agency helping to grow the language

Getting Started!

F# for fun and profit

Great blog that praises the merits of F# and guides any one looking to start using it. Keep up the good work!

Scala Tutorial: Getting Started with Scala

Long read with excellent guidance on getting started with Scala.

Building, Running, and the REPL (Clojure)

Our friends at Brave Clojure explaining how to set up your first Clojure program.

Getting Started with Clojure

Excellent post on how engineers with JavaScript and Ruby background can get running with Clojure quickly.

Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!

A whole online book on how to get start with Haskell. Well laid out with some comical illustrations too!

Getting Started with Elm v0.17

Elm is a language that is growing a huge following, and it’s a really excited language to know. Here’s the guide to get set up.

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The internet is full of great blog from truly passionate people. It’s so great to work in a space where people care so much about the growth of each language. We’ve only highlighted a few here, and we know there are plenty more. Feel free to point us in the direction of blogs that you like, and we’ll be sure to give them some airtime.

And don’t forget, if you’ve read all these blog and are now looking for your new role using functional programming, make sure you sign up to Functional Works.




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