Announcement of 2 New Projects on FYN & 1 Million SGD Milestone

A big thank you for helping us cross the 1 million Singapore Dollars milestone. Currently, it is the fifth day on our crowdsale and we have raised about 2250 Ethers so far, and we are more than halfway to our minimum funding goal of 1.5M USD. We strongly encourage all our supporters to join our Slack chat to find out more about what we do.

Over the last few days, we have started our advertising campaign in the Chinese ICO platforms and our eventual goal is to have FundYourselfNow cater to both the Chinese and English market. Since our last post on how we plan to make FYN tokens grow, we have also received collaboration requests from 4 -5 entrepreneurs globally, which we are currently in the process of reviewing.

To celebrate our progress so far, we are releasing new details of 2 new projects that will be funded exclusively via the FYN platform.

Nogle Chat

Currently in China, there are free instant messengers (e.g. QQ. MicroMessenger) that are popularly used, but messaging data within platform is mined by the platform provider to identify opportunities for targeted & government compliance

Nogle Chat is a a combination between telegram and whatsapp. It is designed to be super secure. There are two versions of Nogle Chat:

  1. Nogle chat branded app that to sell direct to enterprises and end users.
  2. White label for resellers to sell to enterprises and end users

Their target enterprise customers are corporate entities like financial institutions that require a private and robust networked, secure and encrypted internal and branded chat application where they can do all business functions video file sharing voice etc.

Security features such as Read-and-Destroy & Remote message destructions ensure that sensitive company information can be destroyed once it is read. The chat application can be deployed onto a private cloud server owned by the enterprise.

Features of Nogle Chat

The product is currently under development and Nogle is seeking funding for to complete development and launch a user acquisition campaign. Nogle chat will potentially create Nogle Chat tokens that will be used to as credits to access the app functions. More details will be released further down the road.


In the current global market, there is no mobile application for private clients to trade bonds. However, for most private banking clients, bonds form a significant part of their investment portfolio as they are safe and have low volatility. Relapp offers an organized way for private banks to convey their range of products to clients in a user-friendly manner.

Relapp is a white label solution being that is targeted at the banking & finance sectors. The target customer group is any companies that are selling banking related products and have relationship managers like the banking sector.

More details on the company behind relapp and product will be released further down the road.