Clarifications for FYN bounty Program

Dear Supporters, we have recieved multiple enquires regarding the number of tokens that a user will recieve at the end of the crowdsale for the bounty program. We would like to clarify the bounty program rewards. Currently on the crowdsale portal, what we are showing is the maximum estimated number of tokens that you can possibly receive provided that we hit our hard cap.

Since the start of our bounty campaign, it has always been our plan to allocate 3% of the total number of tokens sold to our bounty program. Assuming we completely sell out the 7.5 Million tokens in our crowdsale, this works out to 225,000 tokens.

This is still significantly above what most other crowdsale (2% or less) give out for their bounty programs. We are removing the estimated number of tokens shown on the portal for the time being to avoid confusion.

The final number of tokens given for the bounty will be shown to the users once again at the end of the crowdsale. All stakes will be reviewed once manually at the end of the crowdsale before we do the final distribution. Please make sure to update your ETH sending address in the portal as that will be address we will send the tokens to.

We are deeply apologetic for any confusion caused. For any questions, you can contact us on our slack or telegram group.

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