ICO Portal Launch and Updates [17th May 2017]

Greetings to all our supporters!

Firstly, we would like to thank you for having shown great interest and support for the FundYourselfNow project and the upcoming ICO. This week has been a brilliant one at FundYourselfNow, with social media buzzing, slack channels filled with great conversations, awesome exchange of ideas, Bounty programme enthusiasts pouring in their support to help us realise our vision. We sure feel great!

  • Great Momentum on BitcoinTalk Translations Support.
  • A quick shoutout to the early Bounty participants that helped us achieve 5+ Page translations in less than 10 days.
  • And designers who have added colors and make us look good on the internet every passing day. We couldn’t have asked for more!
  • The ICO portal is now up and running. We have more than 400 sign ups that have pre-registered for the ICO.
Sample Screenshot of FYN ICO Portal
  • Our BitcoinTalk has been read more than 5852 times by now. #GrowingUpFast!
  • Thanks to all supporters, commenters and ideators on Twitter, Facebook , BitcoinTalk and Slack.

“In Transparency, We Trust.”

Planned Allocation for Funding Raised

The ETH in FYN crowdsale is planned to go into the following 3 main categories

  • Research & Development (25%)
  • Marketing and Business Devlopment (50%)
  • Operations & Legal (25%)

We will be publishing in a few days, a detailed Medium post on what the above three areas of expenditures entails. Follow our medium account at https://medium.com/@FundYourselfNow


START 2nd June, 2017 at 14:00 UTC +8. END 31th July, 2017 17.00 UTC+8

Exchange Rate:

1 ETH for 120 FYN Token (2nd June 2017–16th June 2017,14:00 UTC+8) [Early Bird Bonus]

1 ETH for 100 FYN Token (16th June 2017, 14:01 UTC+8–31th July 2017, 17:00 UTC+8)

Accepted currencies: ETH.

FYN tokens will be issued on the Ethereum platform as a smart contract. Locked FYN Tokens are distributed immediately to the sending address. You will need to create a wallet first at myetherwallet.com. The tokens will be unlocked on 7th Aug 2017, a week after the ICO ends. Token supply will is fixed and there won’t be any inflation of FYN tokens. We are committed to protect our investors and our tokens/funding is capped to ensure investors get a reasonable return.

We have a minimum funding amount of 1.5million USD, calculated using ETH price as of end of ICO period. This will ensure that we are properly funded to bring our product to completion and execute a proper user acquisition campaign.

If we do not hit our minimum funding target, refund of the tokens will be executed via the smart contract. Tokens that are unsold will be transferred to a locked contract which will only be released when we perform a second ICO to raise additional capital down the line to grow the company.

Token Distribution

  • Token supply: 10 million
  • Crowdsale: 8 million (80%)
  • Early stage marketing and bounties: 300,000
  • Advisors and initial supporters: 700,000
  • Founders, Development Team and Future Employees: 1 million

There are many awesome weeks to follow and we sure will keep you informed!


FundYourselfNow Team

If you have not joined our slack group yet, please do so at fundyourselfnowslack.herokuapp.com

Pre-register for our ICO at


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