Healthcare on Demand — eBeeCare

Singapore’s ageing population is increasing. According to the Singapore Statistics — Population Trends 2015 report, the number of Singaporeans aged 65 and up has nearly doubled (up 95%) from year 2000 to 2015 to a total of 458,715 people.

On top of this, life expectancy has increased. A 2014 report showed that at 65 years old, the average Singaporean would live for another 20.8 years compared to the 18.4 years noted in 2004.
So how can Singapore’s families care for their ageing relatives?

One Singapore-based start-up might just have a solution to ease the burden. eBeeCare is an online and mobile platform to help caregivers search, book, manage and pay for home healthcare services. It is the first location-based booking app of its kind with the largest network of locum caregivers (registered nurses, therapists and doctors) in Singapore. To date, it has over 400 Registered Nurses and licensed practitioners ready to go at the tap of a smartphone.

eBeeCare co-founder and CEO John Chen has extensive networks in the healthcare industry, having worked as an IT project manager and system engineer with National University Hospital and Singapore General Hospital for seven years. He hopes to leverage these relationships to expand the platform’s client base and number of users through marketing and additional partnerships.

Currently, clients are being referred by providers such as Health Management International (HMI) after patients are discharged from the hospital or clinic. Other providers are keen to partner eBeeCare, as it not only makes the healthcare delivery process seamless, but provides patients and caregivers with the precious data that will increase the quality and delivery of service over time.