Our Mentors — Dr. Anton Ravindran

Dr. Anton Ravindran

“After being in the corporate world where I had the opportunity to work for leading IT companies including IBM, Sun Microsystems, and Computer Associates (CA), I have been a serial entrepreneur for more than 15 years now.

I started and grew 4 homegrown companies which are all independent operating entities, and am now the Founder and CEO of RapidStart.

Firstly, my departure from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur came about largely from a conscious decision not to adopt a herd mentality but to explore and experiment continuously evolving ideas and technologies which I firmly believed in. I say this because I started my entrepreneurial journey during the late 90s during the dot com era and because of my beliefs and convictions was able to turn startups into sustainable long term businesses.

Lesson 1: Not to have a herd mentality and not be caught up in hype but pursue your passions and convictions relentlessly. Within a couple of years of my venture the world experienced the much talked about dot com collapse but we managed to survive the headwinds and grew from strength to strength.

Lesson 2: This would not have happened if we had not been agile and continuously adapt to changing international paradigms. Be agile and continuously learn to adapt.

Lesson 3: Besides, growth would not have been possible if not for the skills of our team. It’s a simple fact that no individual can be an expert in everything and team building is key. Enlist the smartest and the brightest you can find to form a core team (though increasingly difficult in these times) to execute your vision.

Lesson 4: Build a scalable business through innovation and flawless execution. No one can grow a business because of a great idea or because of mere innovation but because of the ability to execute the innovative idea.

Lastly, to have sustainable success one must embrace honesty, integrity and charity.”

- Dr. Anton Ravindran, Founder and CEO of RapidStart, FundedHere mentor