Our Mentors — Ricky Sim

“Despite my 18 years in the civil service, I have always wanted to join the business world. I did not have a tertiary education because I did not make the grade to university but I knew I had to make up for my shortcomings and I knew the way to go is to establish a vast network of contacts. My success today is really due to the vast network I have accumulated over the last 40 years. I believe because of my vast network of contacts today, it has increased my net worth. I started networking when I was very young. I networked in my church. I grew up in the church and that was the moulding of my personality. Meeting good people builds character. I believe when you network, you must meet the best, and the best sharpens you. I realised in my later years that I don’t need to go to business school to learn about management because managing people is an art that I have acquired over the years.”

-Ricky Sim, Managing Director of SunChest Property Consultants Pte Ltd, FundedHere Mentor