Meetup Reimagined

I rarely every post to social media. I do use Meetup every week. I got stuck with the new app today when I downloaded updates without reading reviews. I hated it immediately, Donald Brown in his posting here covered most of what I hated. I agree with others that it does look and fell like a tween girl app now. Its “pretty” (to the designer I guess) and useless. Valuable screen real-estate on my iPhone screen has been squandered. Messages and Alerts merged. We needed more tabs, to get to what you want to do without clutter with unrelated stuff.

I needed more Organizer functions. I did not realize that you setup to take attendance in the old app at some point till I read that the new app removed that capability.

I have no interest in using the app for searching for new groups. My laptop, with a bigger screen is better for that.

I need better map support (the old app often would link to the wrong place in Google and Apple as well as Co-Pilot GPS Mapping apps. I need to take attendance at trailhead (off grid, no internet) so I need the app to caches meetups that I am signed up for whenever I run it.

I dont need flowery logos, pushing new groups to me unless I go looking, or especially consolidation of functions onto an already too small screen.

I run a hiking group, 3000+ members, more than 100 very active. I and they rely on Meetup, but if it becomes challenging to use, I may have to evaluate alternative tools. Google may be able to help me find them if you dont go back and un-think this mess.

— Can you say Windows Vista? How about Millenium.

I used to run Windows, now I have a Mac and am much happier, more productive and less frustrated.

This feels sort of like when MS introduced disasters!

Tom — New England Over 50 Hiking Group, New Hampshire

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