Transvestite, Crossdresser and Transgender

Just want to share some pics of beautiful Trans (MTF) women at all points on the spectrum.

This is me “Fiona” a Portland, Oregon Transvestite my site Funky Fiona

So what is the difference between a crossdresser and a transvestite ?

Or, the difference between a transvestite and a trans woman?

My view, and this is ONLY my view is that for MTF (Male to female) trans people, there is a spectrum of female expression.

Crossdresser to me, is a person who wears articles of clothing of the opposite gender to which he/she was born. This can go from undergarments to full on dresses with accessories.

Transvestite is a born male who fully dresses in female clothing to include makeup, wig (sometimes) and accessories to the point of presenting a feminine persona. The point is express their feminine persona.

Transgender is person who feels they were into a body of the wrong gender.

Another transvestite
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