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The Boxing Ring Called Life

In every area of my life, I face challenges as though I am in the boxing ring,

I get punched in the face and jabbed at my sides,

I get hit on the head and sometimes I fall down hard,

But no matter how many times I get knocked down, I always get back up and continue fighting,

I throw my own punches and I don’t stop till I take my opponent down,

Some fights take longer than others to win, but I always emerge victorious,

Some knockdowns hurt me so bad, but still I rise like a phoenix from the ashes,

They ask me how I do it, how I always win no matter how long I’m in the ring for,

Well this is how I win:

No matter how many times I’m hit, I keep getting up and I get back in the ring,

I fight through the pain and I keep going,

The times I feel like giving up and don’t want to get up from the floor,

I look at the people in my corner always cheering me on,

So I get back up to make them proud,

That is the secret to my wins, because guess what…

How do you expect to win the fight if you don’t get back up and give it all you’ve got?