Photo credit: By Jessie Eastland — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

When I Am Gone…

When I am gone…

I want the world to remember my name.

I want stories of me to be told in your homes.

I want to inspire generations yet unborn.

I want songs to be sung about my greatness.

I want books to be written about my prowess.

I want plays to be acted about my compassion.

I want monuments to be built depicting my poise.

I want young lovers to emulate my charm.

I want leaders to motivate team members based on my tenacity.

I want teachers to educate students about my diligence.

But most importantly, when I am gone…

I want to be smiling down at the earth, from my mansion of gold, clothed in robes white as snow and saying to myself:

“I did good”.

That my friend, is the ultimate goal…When I am gone.