Did you know these amazing facts about Coca-Cola?

By: Funny Nova

Kids find it amusing how the burps of gas come and leave a funny feeling in their nose after drinking Coca-Cola. Almost everyone in the world had drunk this black fizzy and a refreshing drink called Coca-Cola at some place; maybe at a party, lunch or dinner. There must be only few who do not know this drink. There have been many theories about Coca-Cola not being healthy which are actually true. Despite being a refreshing and unhealthy drink and having an addictive taste it has many other useful properties of which people are not very well aware. After knowing these useful facts, you might consider purchasing more of these red and white bottles containing black drinks. Here we go with our ten cleaning tricks by using Coca-Cola!

Effortless pot cleaning

If you happen to cook a delicious meal but accidently you have burnt the food, and the bottom of your pot has got all black. Do not worry and waste your energy to scrub the pan if you happen to have Coca-Cola in your refrigerator. Pour the drink into the bowl and let it sit for a while. With all the chemicals present in the liquid the burnt food is loosened from the surface and with some light scrubbing the blackened pot will turn clean as if it was new.

Natural rust-remover

Once the metal gets rusted, it is very challenging to reverse the process. But not any longer, with Coca-Cola it is a piece of cake. If the metal piece is small then soaking it in Coca-Cola for some hours will remove the rust. And in the case of high metals wipe it with a cloth soaked in Coca-Cola.

Bugs Repellent

The sweet taste of Coca-Cola is tempting for the insects but very poisonous. And without knowing the bugs consume it to die afterward. Hence Coca-Cola is a potent insect repellent if you want to make your house bugs free. Pour some of the drink on cupboard and ant hills to kill cockroaches and ants.

Maintain shine on the floor

Surprisingly if you use Coca-Cola with warm water to mop the vinyl or tile floors, the cleaning it to sparkling clean becomes very effortless. And the result is clean as new floors. You no longer have to work so hard and use expensive cleaners to keep the floors neat.

Efficient window cleaner

Do you know that Coca-Cola is a good as other window cleaning products and also cheaper than other products? The citric acid present in Coca-Cola makes it similar to the citrus fruit based window cleaners. Next time use Coca-Cola to clean up your window and after that rinse with warm water for better results.

Clean all the grease with Coca-Cola

The phosphoric and carbonic acid in the drink makes Coca-Cola a good cloth cleaner. Washing cloth with detergent with the addition of Coca-Cola removes difficult stains and grease on the clothes and deodorizes the cloth as well.

Remove stubborn stains from toilets

Even when you clean the sinks, toilet bowls or bathtubs on a regular basis, the lime scale starts to build up on the surface over the time. And after an extended period, it becomes somewhat difficult to remove. And with Coca-Cola it is not the same, put the drink on the surface and let it sit for few hours will do the trick. After that clean it up and there will be sparkling clean toilet, sink or bathtub.

No more sticky gums

With Coca-Cola in your fridge, you no longer have to struggle or cut your hair when gums stick to your shoes or hair. Pouring Coca-Cola on the influenced region and keeping it for a while will lose out the stickiness of gum and it will be easy to remove.

Alternative to Pesticides

The high content of sugar is enough to qualify Coca-Cola as a pesticide, and that is what it is being used as by many farmers of India. Despite the company denies this fact very much it turns out that it is very useful as a pesticide.

Lighten the shade

Recently you have dyed your hair, but the shade of hair color is darker than what you had wanted. You can avoid getting it fixed by your expensive hair stylist if you have Coca-Cola with you. Rinse your wrongly colored hair with Coca-Cola and see its effective color lightening property.

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