Please Don’t Wait Until Your Pet is Missing to Install the FurAlert App

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If you are reading this message and you haven’t downloaded the FurAlert app yet, do us both a favor and get the app right it now. Why? Because if everyone waits for their pet to go missing, there won’t be anyone in the FurAlert community to help you when you need them!

What we’re doing with FurAlert is crowdsourcing eyeballs — your eyeballs and those of all the other pet lovers in the country. It’s sorta like a “lost dog” poster or post to Facebook — only faster and more efficient. We notify people immediately and only those nearby. Your cousin in Tupelo doesn’t need to get it unless your pet is actually missing in Tupelo!

By participating (ie: downloading the FurAlert app) and becoming part of the community, you partipate in two ways:

  1. If/when YOUR pet goes missing, within seconds, you can send a FurAlert to others nearby, before your pet gets too far away.
  2. When a pet is reported missing near you, FurAlert will send you an alert. This is your chance to be a hero. Do you know how good it feels to reunite a lost pet with it’s owner!?

Like reviews on Amazon, other drivers on Waze, or the “take a penny, leave a penny” trays, the community benefits when you participate and in turn, they are there for you when you’re the one in need!

Again, please download the app now. FurAlert was created to reduce the number of pets injured, killed, or permanently lost and to alleviate the anxiety we feel while our pet is out of our care. We hope you’re never in a position to need FurAlert because of a lost pet, but we think you’ll be thankful we’re here if you ever do!

The FurAlert Team