Time and distance are the enemy when your pet is missing!

Originally published at www.furalert.us

The longer your pet is missing, the likelier they will get injured, killed, or be permanently lost. So quick retrieval is of utmost importance.

The people nearby are the most likely to see your pet, but it’s not always easy to let them know you need their help. Facebook & Twitter are great resources, but neither is location specific or time sensitive. When you share a post about a missing pet, you don’t really know who is nearby and your online friends might not check their social media feed for hours or days! Lost pet posters aren’t typically hung until the pets owners have exhausted their own search abilities — usually hours later.

Don’t misunderstand — as pet parents ourselves, we will do anything and everything to bring our pets home ASAP, including posting to social media and putting up flyers. But we felt like there was a piece missing — a way to quickly and easily notify the people nearby who are in the best position to help.

So we created FurAlert. In the battle against time and distance, FurAlert is a powerful tool. In a matter of seconds, FurAlert notifies others nearby about your missing pet, even people you don’t know! Watch our demo video to see how quickly FurAlert notifies others nearby.

Our goal is to reduce the number of pets injured, killed, or permanently lost while out of their owner’s care. Do us all a favor and download the app now — before you need it! FurAlert gets more useful with every additional users, so spread the word in your local community. We hope you never lose your pet, but we think you’ll be relieved that FurAlert is there if you ever do.

If you love your pet like a member of the family, the FurAlert app should be on your phone!