Five Fabulous Fuseboard Enhancements for February

…and a little more…

We have been very busy in 2017 so far, as we are sure you have been, as well. Our focus is always towards what will make your experience with Fuseboard easier, more efficient, more productive and, of course, more fun. We do listen to your suggestions and your constructive critiques, and hope that you enjoy the following five fabulous Fuseboard enhancements…and a little more.

Setting Goals — Making Milestones More Flexible

Now, for your projects, you can close Milestones and related tasks will be closed automatically. Milestones can also be created and completed without having related tasks or task lists.

Completing (closing) a Milestone
Tasks Automatically Completed When Completing a Related Milestone

Contacts on the Move — Making it Easier to Update Contacts

We now have made it easier to modify a contact record to update the associated company for that contact. This makes it a lot easier if a contact changes their employment, or if you mistakenly added them to the wrong company. No need to recreate or reinvent the wheel. When hovering your mouse over the contact avatar, you will see the edit button. Clicking on the edit button will provide you with the opportunity to change details about the selected contact, such as name, title, email, and now company.

Editing a Contact’s Information
Changing the Company for a Contact

Streamlined Membership — Making it Easier to Include Your Teammates

In efforts to make inclusion an easier action, we made the process of adding teammates to deals, projects or tickets more visible and accessible. By clicking on the plus sign within the circle at the upper right of your deal, project, or ticket, you will be presented with a list of teammates that can be added to your item. Simple, visible, and easy.

Adding a Teammate to a Deal, Project, or Ticket
Selecting Your Teammates

The Portal — Making it Easier to Include Your Customers on Projects or Tickets

We’ve made it simpler to give contacts access to projects or tickets through the portal. By accessing the new Portal tab within a project or ticket, and simply switching the toggle from No to Yes, contacts will be granted access to that project or ticket. If the selected contacts already have access to the portal through prior projects and/or tickets, they’ll simply receive an email letting them know that they now have access. If this is the first time that they’ve been added to a project or ticket, they’ll receive an invitation to setup their portal account.

Giving a Contact Access to the Portal for a Specific Project or Ticket

Additional Enhancements — Sorting Projects & Handling Email Replies

Within List View of your Projects, you now will see the option to sort your list of projects by company, along with the options to sort your project by Name, Creation Date, and Last Updated. We also made enhancements to the handling of email replies.

Sorting Project by Company

Wishing you continued success and productivity!