Fusion Fellows — Class of 2018

As one chapter ends, another begins.

With the final selection and kick-off for the Fusion Fellows of 2018 behind us, it’s time to launch and prepare for the next phase of Fusion’s program.

For the past few months, the venture team at Fusion has been busy narrowing down the funnel to select the best Fintech, Proptech, and Lifetech companies to join our ecosystem. It’s been a process full of interviews, evaluations, selections, and more, which culminated in a final selection day for each vertical. For those coming to Fusion as a finalist, it was a day packed with content, education, inspiration, and a chance to connect with Fusion’s industry-defining partners in our three core verticals.

Each day of finals started with rehearsals, ensuring our finalists, partners, and all attending would get the most out of the pitches to come. After a busy morning, the afternoons followed with a series of presentations, with each finalist contending for a spot.

Fusion Proptech Finalists

With some serious competition this year, deliberation followed for some time afterward, but we’re proud at Fusion to announce the finalists who were selected to join the program, who have shown exceptional progress and innovation in their fields:

Fusion’s Fintech Fellows of 2018:

Apiax — Apiax transforms complex regulations into easy-to-use digital compliance rules.

BOND.AI— BOND.AI is a human-centered AI platform for banks, powered by its proprietary ‘empathy engine’. It helps banks intimately understand user behavior to help meet their needs in the shortest time & also enhance back-office efficiency. BOND.AI significantly increases the user engagement, lifetime customer value & most importantly helps banks monetize their data.

Delio— Financial institutions across the world leverage our technology, network and expertise to connect capital with private market investments. We are a private asset infrastructure as a service.

Digibon — Digibon provides seamless digital receipts, connected to your debit- or creditcard.

Eversend — A blockchain-based mobile-only banking alternative with a multi-currency wallet providing remittances, personal loans, payments, virtual debit cards, cryptocurrency and other financial services

EZYcount — AI-powered blockchain accounting — automating accounting

Finquartz — “We turn financial news into portfolio Intelligence. Our algorithm powered by Artificial Intelligence identifies thousands of financial news sources, cuts the noise & only keeps the essential news for your portfolio”

GoodBox — GoodBox is on a mission to grow the non-profit sector by building the best hardware and software to drive engaging fundraising campaigns. Think social impact, social network!

TRUSTLESS.AI— Exceptional Cybersecurity in the Palm of your Hand.

Fusion’s Proptech Fellows of 2018:

AskPorter— AskPorter is a conversational property management platform with an AI Digital Assistant

BlockSquare — Blocksquare enables established real estate businesses to issue tokens linked to professionally managed real estate properties.

Cleandrone — Flying robotics for large area O&M: cleaning, inspection, surveillance.

Easy Inspection— Easy Inspection is a property inspection software that helps companies in industries such as property management, facilities management and serviced apartments/hotel operators inspect and manage their inventory more efficiently.

GBuilder — GBuilder takes home buyers on a digitalized customer journey

LegalThings— LTO is a toolkit to enable workflow automation and collaboration on processes that run between organizations.

Parquery — Real-Time Parking Availability and Parking Duration Without Additional Infrastructure

Sirop— SIROP is an innovative and creative Chatbot aiming to find the best restaurants around you, anytime, anywhere in the world.

SkenarioLabs— We tell property owners where to invest

TOWER 360 — An all integrated Leasing, Marketing and Analytics platform for Commercial Real Estate Owners, Managers and Marketers

Fusion’s Lifetech Fellows of 2018:

Community Life — Community Life has developed a fully online and automated sales and administration platform technology for life insurance business — convenient for the customer, break through low cost to operate, and ideal for comprehensive data analytics as well as integration into other ecosystems.

Genebook— Genebook is a global genetic marketplace that allows individuals like you to securely use your DNA and safely own your genetic code.

HAO— We focus on establishing a global diabetes community that bridge diabetics with each other, and affordable professional knowledge, advices, and services.

Indigo AI — Indigo is an AI platform that uses chatbots and machine learning to let businesses automate customized experiences with their customers via chat

Rega — Risk sharing software development for decentralised insurance

SensArs Neuroprosthetics — SENSY restores sensory feedback from the prosthesis of leg amputees

SpeakSee — SpeakSee is a system of microphones that automatically transcribes speech to text so that people who’re Deaf or hard-of-hearing can read what’s being said an follow conversations again.

Vlot— vlot is a B2B2C platform — offering integrated life risk analysis, life insurance coverage and dynamic life planning solutions combined with digital underwriting through cutting edge APIs and algorithms.

Wenalyze — Wenalyze is a Big Data Analytics platform that links open data and internal data of insurance companies to find new selling opportunities and reduce fraud rates in real time.

Kick-Off, Blast-off, Launch Sequence

For the companies above, last week’s kick-off left our new Fusion Fellows feeling inspired, educated, and ready to launch into Fusion’s program in the coming weeks.

A speech from CEO Sal Matteis brought things together in the morning, covering why we were all gathered together, Fusion’s methodologies, and more.

It’s been interesting over the past few years to observe the shift in momentum for innovation and venture capital, with certain tides beginning to move away from Silicon Valley and towards other cities of the world becoming hubs for innovation and hotbeds for frontier technology — Geneva and Switzerland included.

For our Fellows, much of Fusion’s program revolves around the preparation for rocket launch — true scaling and growth.

Like the preparation of a Falcon Heavy being launched at SpaceX, there’s an enormous amount of considerations to weigh and evaluate. Some highlighted points of the day included:

  • Raising strategy — critically thinking about how much, when, and the different sentiments that different investors will have who are brought on at different times
  • You’re not different — though your company may have a unique value proposition, it’s nearly impossible that you have a problem someone else hasn’t encountered before; a reason why ecosystems like the one at Fusion prove to be invaluable.
  • Switzerland — For those companies that see Switzerland like we do, a nation welcoming and supportive to frontier tech and startup communities, it’s important to know the cultural nuances of such a unique country. For those wondering, yes, fondue is a safe conversation starter.

The best part of the kick-off came when a slide announcing “Fuck UPS! — Tell us your life” came up.

There couldn’t have been a better way for Fellows to bond then admitting and recognizing that the path to success is riddled with mistakes and failures — sometimes funny but always valuable lessons.

With humility and mutual understanding in the air (plus some hilarious PowerPoint Karaoke takeaways), our Fellows made the type of connections that leads to sharing other lessons, and most importantly, helps educate and save each other from making the same mistakes.

Looking Forward

As the weather starts getting colder and days start getting dark as seasons change, the future looks brighter than ever for the ecosystem at Fusion. Now that Fusion’s Fellows for 2018 have been selected, it’s time to build, shape, and supercharge the next batches of innovators.

If you’re interested in applying for next year, or would like to be a mentor in the program, don’t hesitate to connect. 🚀

Author: Connor Brooks