True stories

By: Anthony Hernandez

Today was so beautiful! I got to hangout with my goddaughter and her Baby Brother! They are such amazing little Angels! Now that I’m not working my day job, I get to write and work on myself and play with babies!!! My childhood best friend is the best and has the best little Angels! I loved playing around with them and how they are both trying to speak! It’s so unreal and cute to watch them grow!

We got to take them to Annie’s dinner for the first time. Annies was our spot we would go to the next day after partying all night. Then it turned into family brunch, followed by it becoming to the place you would bring your serious gf to meet your friends brunch. Eventually half of us ended up marrying that woman, the other are still bachelors. I had the Annies Delight, egg whites with spinach and mushroom with a side of sliced tomatoes! We finished there and proceeded back to his parents place. Then we played around and took a little nap. It was a great day and I love those little Angel babes!

Oh! I also bought Amy Schumer’s book today! So excited to read it!!! 😍

Thanks for the great read

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