True Stories

by : Anthony Hernandez

As Of 8/26/16

Today was my last day at working at my company that i had been with since 2007. I did not know how much love i was about to receive this day. I normally am able to write at lunch, but i was showered with so much love, that i just had to wait until today to write. I didn't really know what to expect going into this, I remember two weeks ago when i put in my two weeks. I was so nervous to tell a company that i had been with almost two years that i had to say goodbye. Then today I was showered with so much love! Today was truly one of the best days of my life.

I decided to wear a Hawaiian shirt that day, thought it would be comical, kinda like it was my retirement. As I entered the building I just kept reminding myself that this was the last time that i would be doing this, and was excited and sad. I was surrounded by a bunch of people that just seemed so miserable and I did not want to follow in their foot steps. So I was glad i was making a change and start working hard for something I actually love! As I got to my desk, i find a plate of brownies and a card, I was immediately blown away. Majority of people in our office had signed the card and there was $100 gift card inside! Are you kidding me?! What company does that?! It was more than just a company it was a relationship that I had built with these people. Each and everyone of them was so excited for me and very proud! I need to remember this on my down days, to help keep my head up and keep pursuing of finding my dream job.

For Lunch they bought the whole office Lou Malnati’s! They know I love pizza! Majority of us sat in the large conference room as they all focused their attention to me as I talked about all the great memories I had with the company. Some like the times we went to the White Sox game, and I tried to slide down the banister and ate shit in front of a large group of people that all collectively commented on my fall. Also talked about how much i loved doing all that volunteer work with the school counts, and that I want to come back and help out with that forever! It was a very warm room as i shoveled pizza into my mouth.

The best part of that day was all my exit interviews with all the managers. I only needed to have two, one with my boss and one with HR. That day I had one with almost everyone in the office. The best were with the president of the company and a few managers. They all had ask what I was going to do now, and some even said I bet you’re going to sleep in. I assured them that i was not going to do that and told them what my daily plan would be. They were very impressed and told me to keep at that and my chase for my dream job would be very attainable. To hear them approve my plan that i had paved out to achieve my goals was such an amazing feeling.

It was a new begging to the start of my future, and i cant explain how excited I am to get after it! Life is truly beautiful, and I cant wait to learn more and grow as a human!

Thanks for the good read!

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