True Stories

by: Anthony Hernandez

Another great day two of not having to run off to a day job that I don’t care about. I started off the day by catching up on Narcos before the second season starts. Man, Pablo is one powerful guy. After a couple of episodes, I realized it was time to get out and be active. The rain had just stopped and decided to go for a quick run by the lake. As soon as I got to the lake I thought i would meditate for a little bit, and oh boy its not as easy as it looks. I enjoyed it though, and then I ran home to cool down and read a chapter in Amy Schumer’s new book. I think its pretty damn funny so far, but cant wait to read more. Now I am doing laundry, and while I wait for that to be done, I consumed a gyro salad from Athenian Room, one of Tina Feys favorite places to eat, so i was told. Well tonight I have to bartend at iO, hopefully I make some good money before my trip to Philly!

thanks for the good read!

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