Get Paid On Medium
Len Kendall

I’m really confused about all the hype in favor of Medium lately. Yes, it’s a well-designed blogging platform. But what does that have to do with paying writers? Yet I keep hearing about writers who get paid here. I have read through all of the copy on their website, and they don’t talk about payment models anywhere.

I don’t understand why anyone who already has a WordPress site would be posting to Medium. They are duplicating content (and work) which is bad for SEO, and reposting their content to someone else’s server. Yet I read people talking about that on Medium too…again presumably because they are getting paid.

To be clear, it’s not my intent to disparage Medium, I just don’t understand how it works. It seems like just another blogging platform, similar in design to SquareSpace but with better typography. So what is with all the hype? Why should I abandon my blog of ten years and start posting here (again, as I’ve seen others do)?

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