Introducing ICONOMI

I decided to write a series of posts to summarize the most important and up-to-date information about ICONOMI. If you don’t know what is ICONOMI a good place to start is

If you wish to quickly understand the key points and the business idea you should read the whitepapers here and here. Actually, you MUST read the whitepapers if you are going to invest in ICONOMI.

In short, ICONOMI is a platform that enables easy investment into crypto tokens for the people or organizations who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies and cryptoeconomy. It may also be a good tool for the crypto newbies. What makes ICONOMI unique is the ability to invest fiat currencies like EUR or USD with a wire transfer. This is a first attempt to connect the traditional and crypto economies.

As you have noticed the ICONOMI ICO is currently open. It means you can purchase ICN tokens at a fixed price until Sept 29, 2016. Another very interesting and rare possibility in an ICO world is that ICN tokens make you the owner of the ICONOMI profits part. In other words, ICN tokens are like company shares in a traditional economy.

Usually the crypto tokens ICO’s offer some insignificant benefits for their owners over another people who will purchase the same tokens after the project launch. For example, the pre-launch token owners may have a discount for the project services. This is greatly unequal exchange because a project team receives very cheap and easy money while their investors have to carry a substantial risk of loosing their funds in case of a project failure and have almost no profits at all in case of a project success. ICONIMI ICO is not like the above case and I’m pleasantly surprised with it. 85% of the ICONOMI will be owned by the community and all the investors will honestly have their profit share.