Questions Not Covered In The ICONOMI Whitepapers

For those who doesn’t want to read bitcointalk, blogs, etc. I will try to include as much info as possible about the ICONOMI that is not covered in the whitepapers. The whitepapers can be downloaded from

This post will have a form of FAQ.

- How often will the profits be paid to the ICN token holders? In what currency?

The profits will be paid be weekly or more frequently. They will be paid in ETH.

- When will the dividends start?

The dividend payments start after the first fund is launched.

- Are there any limitations for the team members as the ICN token holders? Can they sell their ICN tokens?

ICONOMI team ICN token holders won’t be allowed to sell their tokens during the first 6 months after the project launch. Their public addresses will be published and the community can control the tokens movements.

- What platform will ICONOMI use?

ICONOMI ICN tokens will be issued in Ethereum platform, on the forked chain — ETH.

- What if ICN token holders wish to change the ICONOMI operator (Cashila)?

After 2 years the operator can be changed. The process will require voting.

- Any more details about ICONOMI.PERFORMANCE fund?

The fund will be open by invitation only. All ICN token holders will be able to participate. The fund will be limited in volume and will have several sequential sessions (for example, the first collection target is about EUR 3M, some time later the new investments will be allowed).

- What does ICONOMI mean?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. NOMI means names in Italian.

- What coins will be included in the ICONOMI.INDEX fund?

The general rules and strategy will be published later.

More questions and answers will follow. Don’t forget to check for the current statistics.