Front End Development Salary and Pay Rate Benchmarking 2016

As an experienced consultant in the Technical Team here at Futureheads, I have been recruiting within the Front End Development space for a number of years now and operate in both the freelance and permanent markets. So, I decided to share my insights on Front End Development salaries and rates in 2016.

Here’s some benchmarking for Front End Developers and employers to start 2016 with:


Mid-weight: £250–350/day

Senior: £350–450/day

Lead: £450+/day

The reasons for a broad range within each bracket are simple. Businesses have different sized budgets for the same role and the type of industry can cause variance. In particular, the financial services and government rates have inflated the market in recent years and this trend is likely to continue.

Typically, most candidates entering the contracting space have solid experience under their belts, so the majority of the market is charging £350/day and above.


Junior: £20,000–30,000

Mid-weight: £30,000–45,000

Senior: £45,000–65,000

Lead: £65,000 +

Salaries can fluctuate outside the ranges above because titles can mean very different things from one business to another, often depending on industry, size of team and specific technical expertise. One company’s Lead can sometimes be considered another’s mid-weight.

The surge in hiring occurring at start-ups and consultancies recently has led to misperception. Some pay poorly and others pay over the odds. This causes data to be skewed.

JavaScript is often the deciding factor for increased pay in the current market, with technologies such as Node.js, Angular and React driving salaries upwards for individuals with commercial knowledge in these areas.

If you are unsure then feel free to get in touch with us here at Futureheads at and we can guide you on what range to consider or follow @FutureheadsTech for additional views and exciting roles.

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