Takeaways from a CEO on EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017

I am the CEO of Futuristic Store Fixtures, a store fixtures specialist company headquartered in Singapore and EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2016 (Singapore). Every year all EY current country winners are invited to the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year forum held at Monte Carlo, Monaco. Attending the forum brought me tremendous insights. Here, I want to share some of my takeaways from the event.

#1: Olympic of Entrepreneurship

The whole event, right from the airport to the end of the event was meticulously planned by EY. Hosting top CEOs from around the world is no easy feat, and EY did it in such a way that it feels like attending a grammy award! In fact, it is. EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year is the olympic award of entrepreneurship.

I'm the 3rd from the left on the second row.
I’m the 3rd guy from the left on the second row.

#2: Discussion group with other top leaders

One of my personal highlights was a discussion with other Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) country winners regarding top challenges entrepreneurs face. Placed in groups with leaders from who are top leaders in their own field, we shared, brainstormed, debated, and discussed top challenges faced by entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, it is a non-stop learning process, and this discussion group provided accelerated tenfold insights.

#3: It is more than just media exposure

EY World Entrepreneur of the Year (WEOY) is more than just media exposure. I got to mingle with top leaders from around the world, stemming from different industries, with different practices — insights gained from WEOY don’t happen often.

In addition, past EOY country winners will be invited to attend next year’s WEOY event. They can prepare current winners and how they should make use of their time to present to the media and judges. I am certainly excited about the continuity and hope to provide value to the community of EOY, both in Singapore and the global platform.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the employees of Futuristic Store Fixtures for your hard work and dedication. Let us all work towards greater heights!

CEO Futuristic Store Fixtures,

David Low

Futuristic Store Fixtures Pte Ltd is a store fixtures specialist serving global retail clients. Founded in 2005, Futuristic has more than 700 employees globally and has rolled out more than 7,000 retail stores across 56 countries. It owns over 700,000 square feet of wood-and-metal manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Malaysia, China, as well as a partner facility in North America. Its niche is in building consistent customised store fixtures that are manufactured in large quantities and shipped for assembly in their clients’ stores anywhere in the world.

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