Double Your Success with Women

Have you ever been in a situation where you were talking to an attractive woman and the conversation was just going dead in the water.

Did it feel like it was going nowhere. Then she says I have to go back to my friends/bathroom and you know she’s not coming back. Did you wonder what could you have said to make her more attracted to you, or that voice in your head that says how can I make her attracted to me?

If you had a situation where you felt any of the above, then this article is your golden key to double your attraction and improve your success with women. It is not a pick up line, it is not a secret! It is a simple routine or a pattern that you can say the next time you’re in the presence of a beautiful woman, which will allow her to feel attraction to you and share a deep connection with you.

My Background:

Like some of the PUA stories, I was engaged in 2008. Head over heels over the girl of my dreams. Madly in love with this beautiful specimen that I saw as complete perfection. She was my other half; my mermaid if you will, with flawless beauty. I truly felt like I was the richest man in the world. Like nothing else mattered as long as I was with her!

And then, in late 2008 we broke up! I was devastated, broken. I felt like my heart was smashed to the ground and crushed by her. It was the worst emotion I ever felt in my life. I’d take physical pain over emotional pain any day any time. Why? Because unlike physical pain, you can’t take pain killers for emotional pain, you can’t go to physiotherapy you can’t train. You just have to ride it out. Only time will heal it. And waiting for it to heal is a B***! Mainly because you never know how long will it take.

After my breakup I decided to figure out what happened? what went wrong? How can I ensure this does not happen again in the future? I simply cannot and will not go through another breakup like this ever again! So I decided on a quest, develop a deep understanding of women, and how to attract them. To learn more about women’s behavior, their perception of men, and how they view relationships. Why they behave the way they do. And this is how the quest started.

Growing up I was shy and nerdy. I did not have many girl friends in high school. In college in North Carolina, I was also shy with women, and I felt nervous talking with them. I started researching online, then I started reading Psychology Today magazine (which has great articles on women’s behavior by the way). Then I read The Game by Neil Strauss, and that was the beginning of the fountain of knowledge that I gained over the years.

After reading The Game I shared it with my friend, who also was intrigued. He later became my wing man, and we started applying the techniques and the results were phenomenal. We were skeptical at first, and thought it was just BS, but when we saw the amazing results in opening and gaining attraction with sets, it was the awakening of a new paradigm in our lives!! After that we both read all the recommended PUA books, read NLP books as well, and purchased loads of content from the PUA community. All were very helpful in advancing our knowledge. I then went to a boot camp in London of a Venusian Arts instructor, then went to another boot camp in Johannesburg by former students of Adam Lyons who is tamed one of the best PUA’s in the world. I recently read that he is now in a relationship with two beautiful women simultaneously.

Moving forward, assuming you have the following:

- You have some basic knowledge of attracting women.

- You have some experience with women.

- You understand the importance of body language, eye contact and voice tonality in communicating with women.

Here it is….Wait for it! Its called “The Gift Set” routine.

The Gift Set Routine:

When do you do it? You do it when you are having a friendly conversation with someone you already know.

Meaning, on a second or third date preferably.

Here are the pre-requisites for it:

- Do it with a girl you already know

- Do it with a girl that you are friends with that you want her to feel attraction to you.

- Do it on a second or a third date. It will not work on a first date.

- When you are in deep connection with a girl. (PUA Terms: Deep connection with your target.)

- Do not use it as an opener. (It will not work unless you have a very strong frame)

- When you’re doing it, make sure to have strong eye contact.

- Have an open and relaxed body language. (If you’re new to this, read up on PUA’s body language)

- You can use it on a group but make sure you make eye contact with your target when doing it.

- Use a deep voice, and speak slowly

- Use facial expressions and hands when saying it (check out Julian on RSD on youtube, he does great hand movements in his videos)

Here we go — “The Gift Set Routine”

You start by saying something like: Let’s do a little personality exercise, something that will help you get to know your personality better.

- (look deeply into her eyes) let’s say for example someone you feel a deep connection with

- (point to yourself with your index finger) Someone you feel very relaxed and comfortable with, someone you feel attracted to

- He approaches you, and he give you this gift. It’s a black box.

- (Use your hand gestures here) You open it, and you notice it’s a top designer jewelry set.

- You notice there is a necklace, a set of earrings, and a bracelet.

- They’re all similar designs, from the same high end brand, like Bvgalri

- Which one would you choose?

If she says Bracelet:

That usually means that when you’re with someone you’re comfortable with, and you share a deep connection with, someone you trust (again point to yourself) it means that typically you would want to do something playful with that person (again point to yourself) like playing bowling, or shooting pool, or going ice skating, or event sitting at home playing video games with him, something relaxed and playful.

If she says Earrings:

That usually means you would like to be taken out to a nice dinner in an upscale restaurant. A place with a great view, or overlooking the beach. Maybe a place that has some ball room dancing. You would want to have a nice classy and romantic experience with that person.

If she says Necklace:

That usually means you would like to have a sensual (the subtext here is sexual) night with that person (again point to yourself). You would like to have dinner at home, maybe home cooked, or maybe order in from a nice place. You would want to be surrounded with candles, and afterwards you would be cuddling on the couch together, under a soft satin blanket, listening to relaxing music maybe your wearing some hot lingerie even.


Ninety percent of the time the woman will be engaged, and you may notice her eyes are dilated and almost like a trance induced mode. What you’re doing here is that you are enticing her emotions, activating her feelings of playfulness, sexuality and attraction all by linking it to yourself. Hence she’s experiencing those strong emotions and unconsciously linking them to you. So her attraction is increasing towards you.

Her typical response is usually: “Oh I like this, I like this a lot, let’s do another one” or “this so cool! Where did

you learn it from” or “That’s cool can you do it on my friend” and this is when you know she is hooked and the game is on.

Again, I advise you to do this in a chilled out place where you have a good 25 minutes with your girl, where she will not be distracted or called off by her friends. Its preferable to do it in a low energy place, like a chilled out bar where she will hear you clearly vs a high energy dance club. Let me know how it goes.

Cheers, and use it at your own discretion.