“Blog Projects #2 and #3 “

Blog #2

Format: Photograph

Audience: Media

Purpose: Contrasting the difference between jewelry in Africa and the jewelry worn in the middle east.

Effectiveness: Describing the jewelry worn in both areas can be different due to the jewelry worn in Africa. African jewelry is more plain multi colored. African jewelry is made most of beads. Jewelry in the Middle East is said to be more flashy and is actually used up of diamonds. The women in the middle east wear their jewelry to display anything because it brings out their beauty in many ways.

Blog #3

Format: Gif

Audience: Media

Purpose: Showing how beauty can be portrayed in different ways.

Effectiveness: Explains how each one of these ladies portray beauty. No matter what shade you are or how old you are you can always show your inner beauty. If your in front of a camera or even a crowd the people will always make you feel beautiful because their giving you that attention. Doing what makes you happy and also what brings out the inner you so you can feel comfortable with what your doing.

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