Symbolic Meanings of Cranes

I discovered that not everybody in my neighborhood is crazy, like I am, about the three Sandhill cranes that have been visiting our condo village since early spring. In fact, some of them are “ready to see them leave,” according to my neighbor. They are more concerned about their lush garden (or so they think) than enjoying the rare pre-historic wildlife that was gifted to them. But their mean spirit blinds them to see that the cranes are, indeed, a gift from nature.

While I was disturbed by this stupidity and anti-wildlife folks around my place, I need to follow the guidance and life lessons that the cranes have shown me. My thoughts are affirmed when I read this article about the symbolic meaning of the cranes.

( It writes:

“When a crane comes into your life as a spirit teacher or totem you are being asked to use your past as a source of strength in the present. They tend to appear in the lives of people who are well served by some degree of secrecy in their lives. The crane teaches about keeping your own counsel, protection of family, and balance in life above all else.”
“An encounter with a crane is a powerful experience. You are being asked to look inward, show fairness to all persons, and protect your wisdom while sharing it in appropriate ways. In short, you are being shown the way to balance and good fortune.”

When I searched for the symbolic meanings of the cranes, I found that they are ancient symbols of good fortune, happiness, longevity, creativity and eternal youth.

No matter what some people around my neighborhood said or feel about the cranes, I feel I have been blessed since July 3rd when I first encountered this Sandhill cranes family in my front yard. I feel very fortunate to have almost daily opportunities to take photos of these magnificent wild creatures so close. I feel I have been gifted by the Mother Nature to witness the grace, peace, trust and family love that the cranes have shown.

So I will cherish and enjoy every cranes’ visit, every magic moment, until the cranes are ready to migrate South, which is probably soon. I will not let any stupid people take those blessings bestowed by the cranes from me.

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