Twitter at 10: 3 Quick Reasons Why i #LoveTwitter

Wow, Ten Years!

Seems like only yesterday that Twitter made it’s debut and today, as it turns ten, it stands as one of the go to Social Media channels for SMM professionals around the world. Over these ten years much has been said about Twitter, from hallelujahs to news of it’s impending demise. We all love Twitter for different reasons, but on this special day i find myself thinking about what i personally love the most about it.

As an SMM professional, i find Twitter at ten to be a unique platform for a great number of reasons. Bellow are my three main reasons for loving it so much:

Twitter Analytics

One look at those graphs will make or break your day…

Twitter is all about openness. So it’s not surprising that it boasts some of the easiest to use analytics in social media today. They are simple, streamlined and easy to access. The way it shows who your audience is alone is reason for tears of joy.

Twitter Curator

Easy as one two three!

If you ask any Social Media professional, he’ll likely tell you that some of the major challenges in their work is identifying trends accurately and curating relevant content. There are plenty of services out there that can ease that pain, but none so relevant and easy to use as Twitter Curator.

Setting up a stream of relevant tweets is as simple as one two three and the wealth of information you can find, relevant to your needs, is limited only by your imagination when setting up keywords and hashtags.

Did you say Influencers?

Where Influencers lead, Twitter will follow (original pic from

Yes, Twitter has user growth issues that should not be easily dismissed. But if there is one thing that Twitter nailed from the get go was Influencers. Everyone that is anyone is on Twitter, and the potential for Influencer Marketing grows with each passing day. Twitter’s openness makes discovering Influencers easier than in any other platform.

With referrals and influencers playing a ever more critical role in today’s SMM strategies, Twitter is still THE place to be if you want to strategically leverage them and create synergies with your audience and brand advocates.

If the breakneck pace at which social media has evolved over the past decade has taught us anything it’s that the future is anyone’s game. The simple fact that Twitter is still vital is a testament to it’s brilliant concept. And that will likely keep it relevant for years to come, as well as a center piece of any successful Social Media strategy.