Clickfunnels — Features, Costs & Alternatives for 2020

Katerina Barnes
Nov 19 · 11 min read

Introduction to ClickFunnels


Clickfunnels is currently the most popular software for Landing Pages and Funnels Service for selling a wide range of products. The company was founded just a few years ago (2014) by Russel Brunson. Since then it has completely revolutionized the market. Hundreds of thousands of online marketers, sellers and entrepreneurs are now using the software to sell their products.

But is the hype justified and worth the purchase really? We got to know the software years ago and know it inside out. Therefore here an objective test report on Clickfunnels about all advantages, functions, prices as well as potential alternatives. So everyone can decide for themselves if they should use Clickfunnels.

What is a funnel?

So if you never heard the term “funnel”, a funnel guides your visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process (so they don’t get confused or LOST, and leave). In the funnel, you can explain your product or service with text, image or videos. You can collect your visitor’s email address. And after everything you can sell your product. And it doesn’t stop there. You can upsell your other products or service. You can send them your affiliate offer. So, funnels are great multi level sale process and guides. Here is an amazing image explains funnels:

What is a funnel?

Why build funnels?

This question is quite justified, because Clickfunnels is, as the name suggests, designed to build Funnels. But why should one build Funnels at all and what advantage does this sale offer. Here are the key points that make Funnels independent of Clickfunnels.

Higher Conversion Rate — The main advantage of Funnels is the relatively higher conversion rate. Whether it’s a purchase, email opt-in or action of any kind. The conversion rate is usually much higher with Funnels. This is because the focus is 100% on the product and you only progress step by step. In online shops or other sales platforms or sales channels, there are many aspects that distract from the purchase and thus reduce the conversion rate.

Know more about ClickFunnels

Faster setup — creating a funnel takes only a few minutes. Depending on the size maybe a few hours. This can not be compared with websites and shops which usually take days or weeks to build up. Especially beginners will succeed faster with clickfunnels, because the implementation is easier and faster.

Upsells, Crosssells & Downsells — The full power of Funnels can be exploited with numerous other selling options. With Upsells, Crosssells & Downsells, the AOV (Average Order Value) can be increased dramatically. As soon as you have clicked once more and bought the product or rejected the purchase, the next offer is immediately available. This suggests, depending on the previous action, an upsell or downsell to further maximize the spending of the customer.

In summary, funnels work so well, as they are psychologically triggering many triggers. On the one hand you are not rejected during the purchase and on the other hand you can continue to make purchases (upsells, downsells & crosssells) simply by clicking the mouse even if you have already completed the purchase. For the operator, the creation of Funnels is now a breeze and comparatively quickly implement.

Fantastic ClickFunnel Case Studies

Advantages & Functions of Clickfunnels

The most important question an entrepreneur should ask is what advantages he has by using certain software. After all, there are numerous ways to buy Internet products. From Shopify to Woocommerce to Lead Pages. Here are the key features and benefits of clickfunnels that has taken the company to the top in recent years.

# 1 in Funnel Construction

As the name Clickfunnel implies, it is about the construction of Funnels and nothing else. The core competence of Clickfunnels is the professional construction of Funnels. The so-called funnels are currently one of the most innovative and lucrative forms of online sales. The customer is accompanied step by step through the purchase and in the simplest way.

There are no more “complicated” shopping carts or anything like that. The customer just has to keep clicking and can add more products (via up sell or cross sell) with a mouse click. The result is an incredibly high conversion rate with easy-to-integrate up & cross sells.

Clickfunnels focuses only on this form of sale and is therefore also at the forefront when it comes to Funnelbuilder.

Simple Visual Builder & Templates
The clue behind the matter is that clickfunnels are extremely easy to implement. The final result is professional and looks sophisticated but the implementation is a breeze. Because the construction of a Funnels with Click Funnels based on pure Drag & Drop principle. This means that with a Visual Builder you can simply drag in pre-made elements into the page and visually edit them.

Unlike other softwares/services, you do not need any knowledge in HTML 5 or CSS to build a professional funnel. Clickfunnels enables companies and entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best and that is the creation and development of ingenious products. According to Russell Brunson, Founder & CEO of Clickfunnels, the sales process should not be a hurdle for the entrepreneur, it should be easy. For this he has created clickfunnels system.

But it is even easier. Instead of building the Funnels by drag & drop Visual Builder you can import whole Funnels with a mouse click. Within a few seconds you have a complete funnel which has already been successfully used by numerous other companies and thus works. When building a Funnels there are many ways to optimize them and on which some developers and so-called “Funnelhacker” have specialized. Most of these are provided for free and you can easily import and use them yourself.

Webinars & Email Flows
In addition, you can use Clickfunnels to host automated webinars and create e-mail flows. These are additional features which are very useful in combination with Funnels. These can of course be combined with AWeber, GetResponse, Mailchimp and other e-mail providers. Meanwhile there is also the possibility to test webinars with the e-mail provider GetResponse.

The functionality is particularly high because there are numerous integrations to make Clickfunnels even more practicable. This includes numerous integration options with other software such as Shopify & Woocommerce. Both e-commerce platforms and CMS are currently leaders in online shopping and the numbers continue to rise. Clickfunnels provides easy integration with named platforms to handle e-commerce orders via Funnels. Thus one combines both worlds “Classic Online Shops” and “Modern Funnels”.

In addition, Clickfunnels continues to focus on innovation and invested a lot of money and time in the development. There are always updates and updates to stay on top of Funnelbuilders.

Affiliate system
A novelty which is only recently possible is the creation of affiliate programs via clickfunnels. This makes it easy to set up an Affiliate Area in Clickfunnels Dashboard with just a few clicks. Thus, Clickfunnels also replaces numerous complicated and expensive affiliate systems for its own products. So far, the creation of an affiliate area has been associated with a relatively large amount of effort, but with clickfunnels this process is also back with just a few clicks.

Clickfunnels make affiliate system so desirable. For example Affiliate Bootcamp: This is a $997 training course they give away FREE to help train affiliates on how to do affiliate marketing. This also takes them through the process to become a ClickFunnels affiliate and how our ‘Dream Car” bonus works. You will be set up as their 2nd tier affiliate once they sign up.

What’s Your Dream Car: This is a link that takes new customers directly to sign up to be an affiliate for ClickFunnels and how your “Dream Car” bonus works. You will be set up as their 2nd tier affiliate once they sign up.

Get Expert Secrets [FREE BOOK]

Coming Soon: CRM & Membership Site Software
Since Clickfunnels is constantly working to increase the operation and functionality, there are already a few previews of new features coming soon. This includes, among other things, a complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and a membership area for existing customers.

What Clickfunnels can do?

Clickfunnels Prices and costs

Basically, there are three price levels at Clickfunnels. The two most popular are the entry-level package at $ 97 and the suite at $ 297. For beginners and sole proprietors, the beginner package is sufficient. It fulfills the most important functions to successfully sell products or similar. The advantage in the suite is simply that you have no limitations on funnels, pages, visitors, contacts, and domains. This is especially interesting for ambitious entrepreneurs and companies.

The third package would be a custom package and is for those who need customized solutions. Depending on which claims one has one should opt for the appropriate package. There is an overview

If you are not sure if it really is worth the money, Clickfunnels can test it for free for 14 days.

14 days free trial

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program
Clickfunnels also has its own affiliate program with which it is possible to promote the software and get commissions for it. These commissions are currently around 40% on all products and recurring. With affiliate membership completed, you get a return of around $ 38 (40% of $ 97) every month. With higher plans, the distributions are correspondingly even higher. In addition there are any upsells for coaching, books and other products.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

With 100 active subscriptions you can expect monthly payouts of about $ 3800. That alone would be enough to live off it. Russel Brunson loves his customers and affiliates accordingly, the conversion rate and the distribution to the affiliates. An awesome affiliate program for those who enjoy affiliate marketing and want to build a passive income.
We started working with Clickfunnels over 2 years ago and we are very satisfied. Meanwhile, we also build Funnels with Elementor Pro, currently the best page builder for Woocommerce, and have already achieved some great results. However, Clickfunnels convinces with the simple and fast operation. Creating professional funnels is easy even for beginners.

At first we were skeptical because the company is still young, but the numbers confirm the success and professionalism behind it. We used Clickfunnels mainly to create so-called lead magnets and freebies.

Case Study — Example
One of the best-known examples of successful clickfunnels is the story of Trey Lewellen and his flashlight. He first found the product on Amazon and then sourced it himself in China. After that he sold it millions of times through clickfunnels. There are a lot of videos and interviews about Trey on YouTube, and how he came to the top of the sales charts with a simple product.

Clickfunnels Landing Page Tutorial
Here is a simple tutorial that explains how to create a landing page with clickfunnels within minutes. You can immediately see the power of Clickfunnels and that’s the quick way to implement and build Funnels via drag and drop Visual Builder. You can also see how simple the user interface is.

As described above, you can build a working land page yourself with just a few clicks or simply import them.

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The Best Clickfunnels Alternatives

But Clickfunnels is not without competition. There are now many other providers who have recognized the success and offer similar solutions. Currently, however, there is no solution which Clickfunnels in terms of functionality and usability can reach the water. Here, however, are alternative solutions with which one could work with certain limitations.

One of the biggest competitors in the market today is probably Builderall and also comes from the USA. The software is a true Swiss Army knife when it comes to online marketing. Starting with the construction of landing pages to the hosting of webinars to complete course & membership facilities everything is offered. With Builderall you can build everything as the name implies. It is an ingenious tool when it comes to selling digital products. In terms of price, it is even cheaper than Clickfunnels.

GetResponse is one of the best-known e-mail marketing tools on the market and has been on the market for almost 20 years. But what does this have to do with landing pages / funnels? Meanwhile, the functionality of GetResponse has been extended to such an extent that one can no longer speak of a pure e-mail marketing tool.

With GetResponse you get an Allin1 marketing solution for generating leads, selling products, building funnels and automating email marketing. You can create the complete sales funnel from A-Z with GetResponse. That starts with creating the ads for Facebook and Instagram. You can then send the traffic directly to a landing page with an email opting / sales offer or bring it to a webinar first. Once you have collected the data, you can retarget the user on Facebook, Instagram etc and send them a complete e-mail Send Funnel until he finally comes back to the sales page.

Thrive Themes
Another way to build Funnels based on WordPress is Thrive Themes. It’s basically a collection of WordPress Themes with plugins which in the whole package offers a very similar functionality as clickfunnels. The only big difference is, of course, that you have to host the site against yourself and is accordingly responsible for it.

In addition, Thrive Themes offers as Elementor the ability to build complete websites. The company thus offers a complete solution. Definitely an interesting solution with many conversion-optimized features.

The costs are ultimately even cheaper but you need a little more know-how in the implementation.

Lead Pages

Clickfunnels VS LeadPages

A software that does not necessarily specialize in generating funnels on leads is lead pages. Following the motto “Turn Leads Into Customers”, Lead Pages offers the possibility to easily build highly converting landing pages. There are two PageBuilders: “Beginner” and “Expert”. Thus you can build different demanding landing pages depending on the skill level. In addition, there are numerous templates with which you can work.

For the low price an absolutely interesting software especially if you just want to build landing pages.


Clickfunnels is good at one thing and that is the construction of Funnels. The software has been specializing in just this one goal for over 5 years. The result is incredibly easy-to-use software with high functionality. Those who only want to build Landing Page and Funnels will find the best solution with Clickfunnels. Because that’s exactly what the software does best and the company is constantly working to improve it.

The main advantage lies in the simple implementation while maintaining a high level of professionalism in terms of design and functionality. In addition, there is a large library of elements and templates of ready-made fun

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