What America Still Doesn’t Understand About Fascism
umair haque

Unfettered Capitalism evolves into Corporate Fascism, defined as a state of alliances between powerful interests and a powerful government. Unfettered Socialism evolves into Communism when those that have no longer are willing to share with those that don’t have. At that point, Socialism becomes Communism where goods and services are taken by force at the point of a gun. The Founders were focused on issues of achieving fairness which are reflected in both the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Our free and fair enterprise system that they laid out for us has degenerated into a free enterprise system where “fair” is a four letter word. Our problems today are not due to the design of the path laid out for us, but in our deviation from that path. Raw Socialism and Raw Capitalism in their unfettered states ultimately leave a very few at the top of the economic scale and the remainder at or near at the bottom. Capitalism, bound by the chains of fairness works better by far than any other economic model. It accommodates human nature, where other systems such as Socialism are at odds with human nature.

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