This letter comes from a senior player of fishchain, who has earnings millions FISH Coin and serval other event coins. This letter helps NNS users better to understand the means of cooperation between NNC and Fishchain and a quick way to play Fishchain. To achieve the double appreciation of digital assets and game assets.

Chapter 1:

The special tip: the NNC fish and fishbowl have double meanings, not only a new member for Fishchain but also a new member for NEOFISH. …

More than 200 days and nights have passed since the launch of on June 30, 2018. Although we have gone through the difficult period of continuously declining crypto currency market and severely shrinking digital assets, while with the gradual implementation of the blockchain gaming strategy, we can now proudly announce that has found a clear development path. Therefore, we have also started the BGX burning plan in advance. Today, the total number of BGX has been reduced from 10 billion to 5 billion.

Now, we will announce to all GAEXers and BGX holders a more far-reaching exchange development plan that will enable all users to be shared with the dividends from blockchain game assets trading. After a long time of research and verification, we will officially launch the hybrid token exchange network based on Bancor algorithm on February 28th, which is give a special name, as Higgs Network. …

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Technical Progress:

1. GAEX Website: The optimization of OTC accuracy has been launched.

2. GAEX Website: The optimization of coin pair display has been completed.

3. GAEX APP: The new version 2.3.6 for Android has been online.

4. GAEX Background Management System: The development of new lockup details report is in progress.

5. GAEX Website: The development and debugging of the Home data of the new website is underway.

6. GAEX Website: The function of EOS Wallet is underway.

7. GAEX Background Management System: The configuration management of Game platforms and partners is underway.

8. GAEX Website: The UI design of new website has been completed. …

Dear GAEXers,

At the request of NeoWorld, will suspend the transaction business of NASH/USDT pair at 12:00 on Dec. 13, 2018 (GMT+8), but the NASH/ETH transaction will not be affected. The reopening time will be announced officially later. Please be prepared in advance.

The reason for this adjustment is that NeoWorld believes that the market downturn is temporary while the entire blockchain industry is integrated, and the return of value is deterministic. Later on, NeoWorld will continue to improve its products with a more aggressive and determined attitude.

NeoWorld Official Announcement:

Official Website:

GAEX Global:

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Game Background:

In the middle ages, there existed a kingdom of barons who were an unstoppable force in war and had an unbreakable bond between them. Their bond was as tight as chain until one of the barons, Kinte who had an unending lust for power and supremacy decided to make a deal with the dark lord of Night crawlers, Okija. While the barons enjoyed their final victory and spoils of war in the cool of the night, Kinte poisoned their drinks and sent them into a deep sleep. While the barons slept, Kinte harvested their souls as sacrifice to Okija . Kinte with this power laid waste to the kingdoms of the barons, scattering and dispersing their people to different ends of the earth and cursing them with ailments that bent their bones into different forms. According to the prophecy, “There lies a sacred stone in the heart of Kinte that must be destroyed to bring back the glory of the barons”. …


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