AMA-session with Representative of the FOTA Team. Tokenomics.

On March 15, 2022, an AMA session was held in the GAGARIN chat with the team of the promising game FOTA, whose IDO will take place in the near future. This is the 2st of 3 parts of the AMA.

Question 6 (Darma @KielD_1):

Created tokens must certainly have benefits for holders. What are the long-term benefits for FOTA token holders and what is Fight of the Ages doing to increase the value of FOTA tokens for investors?


FOTA creates a Hybrid Farming mechanism that first appeared on the crypto market that allows users to use both LP tokens and FOTA tokens to Farm with a LP token/FOTA token profit ratio of 2.5 to encourage users to farm with LP tokens. Users can Claim profit every day and unfarm anytime without any cost.

The liquidity source of the farming pool comes from the generated sales of Skill upgrades and the profit from selling Aether. Aether is the source of energy used to mix items and skills in the game. Players can buy Aether on the FOTA Marketplace.

From the very beginning of the FOTA universe, the Aether has been seen as the source of all cosmic energy. Currently, Greenland is considered the center of the Aether before it was scattered everywhere in the Galaxy. Some creatures can make use of this energy, allowing them to cast spells. The Omnis have the ability to open spatial and temporal gateways thanks to their gifted Aether manipulation. Moreover, Aether is also used to make tools with great destructive abilities. It is because of this great power that many races are seeking to gather for themselves as much as possible this element causing an imbalance in the entire universe.

Question 7 (ピッフィー @piffee):

Other NFT games are currently struggling to manage the inflated number of NFTs on the market, affecting and damaging their value. So what does FOTA plan to do to address NFT inflation?


We will balance between the demand and supply of $FOTA, so that the inflation rate can be controlled:

  • The player will need to buy FOTA to purchase NFT (Heroes, Weapon, Skin, etc.) and Aether as energy to level up the Hero and forge rare Weapon. This increases the demand for $FOTA.
  • The player will receive $FOTA as a reward, which will increase the supply.

So we will have a balancing algorithm between Supply and Demand, and therefore the price of $FOTA will be more stable and will grow.

Question 8 (あさひ @AsahiSan789):

Does FOTA plan on launching any ambassador program? What will be the role of this ambassador?


Yes. CM is the ambassador soon once the game is released. FOTA needs an ambassador in every country to communicate with their fellows and spread the good news of FOTA. Ambassadors are the spokespersons of the FOTA project. They will do marketing, educating and many more in order to spread the game of FOTA.

GAGARIN Official:

And this is the question of the winner of our draw: from twitter user @Sammy123vn. My congratulations to the winner!

Question 9 (@Sammy123vn):

Non-crypto users are very important for mainstream adoption. How are you planning to attract non-crypto users towards your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will bring non-crypto users and real use cases?


These 2 features will attract non-crypto users:

  • Rent-to-play: This model allows us to solve the High Entry Heroes problem that most GameFi projects experience due to the increase in the cost of characters and equipment over a long period of time. Long-time players can rent their abundant Heroes, Skins, Equipment in their free time and receive the extra profit. The newcomers can join the game for a lower fee if they don’t want to make a huge investment.
  • MR Mixed reality, also known as Hybrid Reality, is a world mixed between reality and virtual world in which real and virtual objects both exist and interact in real-time.



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