GA-HITEC Providers Discuss Patient Electronic Access Engagement Strategies

Dr. W. Steen James Discusses Patient Portal Implementation

Edited by: Brittney Newton

We live in such a technologically advanced society and patient portals are an extension of that, but I think it is essential that we are cognizant of the information imported into the portal and we do not minimize patient education in the office. Initially we, the practice, had an extensive conversation with our GA-HITEC consultant as to what information should be included in the patient’s view of the portal.

We want to ensure that personal patient information remains secure. We also assess our patients comfort level of information shared in the portal. For example, if a parent does not want specific information in the portal then we find another way to share those results. We decided as a group that we wanted our portal to provide information that is not too sensitive but information that we know the patient may want to access multiple times, like immunization records request. We have a relatively high call volume requesting copies of immunization records; we have made those available on the portal for printing.

Our patient portal will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our patients. Currently, our patients are very happy to have access and use the portal but as we advance we will ensure that we continue to maintain in person dialogue and patient education.