Good evening GAIA-community,

The GAIA-Projects tokensale ended on the 31th March.
The Softcap, as stated in our whitepaper, was not reached during our tokensale. Thus the GEP token will not be send out yet, even though it is fully finished. Every GEP buyer will receive a full refund via the same transfer method in the same currency for now.

During the ICO we used multiple external payment providers. We already contacted them and are working hard to finish these processes as soon as possible. We hope to finish them within 2 weeks.

We will contact you, using the e-mail you…

A little update from us ! It’s been quiet for a while and we’d like to give you a quick shoutout about what we’re doing !

Recently our partner Infinity SAV conducted a testrun of the GBI-Prototype on a small remote Island in South Korea (Gogunsan). The test went very well and we are positive that the GBI will be ready for a production soon !

Want to be part of a new generation of energy production ?
Visit our Website and participate in our tokensale, to be the first one to receive GAIA’s devices !

At 2:41

When we think of renewable energy, we think of solar arrays or wind turbines. However, these options always need sun or wind to function. Thus, solar panel arrays are useless at night, and wind turbines can’t produce energy without strong wind. And you begin to wonder, “Is this what all the noise about renewable energy is all about?” There has to be more, right?

Crypto for the future of energy
Paving the way for revolutionary energy generation and
Taking our future in our own hands



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