GAMEVIL’s Voyage to E3 2017

Here are some thoughts about this year’s E3.

General Experience: Crazy

Many people told me they thought 2017’s E3 was overwhelming and I agree. For the first time, they opened the floor to the public. The lines were really long, which made it difficult to see anything. In the future it may be better to have a separate consumer-only show or dedicate one day to the public.

Want some $5 swag? Just wait in line for four hours.

Show Standout: Nintendo’s booth.

Nintendo had arguably the most impressive booth this year. It was one neatly sectioned gigantic hall with multiple things going on at once. Attendees were immediately greeted with a statue of Mario on a ship. To the right was another statue, and both statues were great photo opportunities. I wonder why other companies didn’t do something similar because this is a smart move from a PR and marketing perspective. Let the fans do the social media marketing for you.

Nintendo’s booth predominantly featured Super Mario Odyssey’s cap-throwing mechanic

Their booth had kiosks where gamers could play the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey. In the distant end of the hall were large screens showcasing the games Arms and the newest Pokemon-themed fighting game. I had a chance to go to a separate area to play the games without waiting, and I genuinely enjoyed playing them. I asked a representative of Nintendo, David, which was the most popular game (Super Mario Odyssey) and asked what his thoughts were on it. “As good as the demo is, Nintendo always hides the best ideas for their games until the later levels” hinting that what we were seeing from Super Mario Odyssey is only a fraction of what is possible.

It Lurks Again: VR

There were a couple VR booths at E3, and it was interesting to observe how people still reacted to this technology in confusion. It is clear that there are still many people who do not get an opportunity to try VR. This year, while the hype seems to have decreased, the games at this year’s show make a stronger case for VR’s legitimacy. VR developers will need to deliver on the promise of VR soon in order to increase the technology’s low adoption rate.

Skyrim in virtual reality? Yes, please.

Various AAA studios displayed their VR titles at the show, and it is a strong signal that VR will only become a more prominent (and possibly dominant) focus in the future. For example, we saw some gamers over at Bethesda trying VR versions of their games on the Playstation 4 coupled with the Playstation Move.

VR titles are maturing in gameplay and scope (a good sign).

No Show (Mostly): Mobile

Mobile games once again had a limited presence at E3. Square Enix had a couple kiosks displaying Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, but that game was released a while ago. A developer named BR Games had a booth where they displayed their mobile RTS game Tales Craft. Finally, attendees could go to NetEase’s space to check out their new war MMO, Conquerer’s Blade. There might have been more mobile games at the show, but if there were, they weren’t highlighted enough.

There was some mobile presence at E3 2017, but mobile games are still grossly underrepresented.

ETC: Other AAA Studios

The lines were painfully long so it was difficult to play every worthwhile AAA game. Some standouts include:

Capcom’s Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, a game likely to be popular amongst fighting game fans. They also had a huge Monster Hunter decoration to celebrate their Monster Hunter World announcement.

I can’t wait to make a set of armor out of this guy.

At Sony’s booth, there were long lines of people waiting to get their chance at trying the Destiny 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Knack 2. Spiderman and God of War were revealed but were not playable.

Prediction: One of these players will get trounced by a 13-year old at Destiny 2’s launch.

-by @nobinryan