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“Blockchain-based AI Prediction Project GAPS Completed VIP Meeting with ICON and CNBC”

Oct 24, 2019 · 2 min read

*This is an article from Etnews translated in English. You may see the original version at*

Blockchain-based AI prediction project GAPS has successfully completed the ‘FOMO Masternode’ networking party held at Yongsan Dragon City Hotel on October 2 with ICON and CNBC. This event, which was held only by invited members, was a place where global blockchain projects and related parties shared and introduced various opinions.

In particular, GAPS Kim Ayoung, CMO, was interviewed by CNBC’s cryptocurrency program Crypto Trader and said, “We are very pleased to be able to hold various events as a co-host. This private party will be a good event for various participants such as media, general corporations and influencers to share their business results and make partnerships with each other, not just the exchange of blockchain related people. ”

“GAPS seeks a prediction system that combines blockchain-based debate communities with AI. Unlike predictive market-based blockchain projects such as AUGUR and GNOSIS, GAPS began to learn AI based on feature data to help users make better choices in the future. We have a technical foundation that can be easily applied through various projects and SNS platforms, so we can continue to expand it. ”

Meanwhile, GAPS tokens are currently listed on the world’s cryptocurrency exchanges, LATOKEN and BITFOREX.

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