To Pontificate H2O

To give a whole rational to us,

Compare to thee water?

Mind and Matter?

Body and Soul?

This to heart thou taught us,

Would it be to compare,

Water to H2O?

Or is this, combined,

The experience?

Body plus soul?

Mind plus Matter? O, the sublime.

Tis Hydrogen still Hydrogen,

Without the Oxygen?

For sure the element exist; or does it?

Does not Oxygen behave like Oxygen,

Without its lover or kin?

Together they dance in another light,

As lovers they take,

Two and one,

Combined they act,

The water for H2O’s sake.

Does the mind and Matter,

Combined do the same?

Do they leap and bound together,

For the sake of togethers sake?

Are they something different together?

Or do they simply act differently together?

Yet can exist on their own separately?

Probes and convulsions keep body active,

With medical marvel it has been seen.

Is a sponge, flatworm, starfish or other animals,

Less a body due to a split?

Or are they more?

Jellyfish, and other ‘brainless’ bodies,

Perform they incredible and smart deeds,

Are they less thinking?

Are they less cognitive?

Or is their ‘mind’ prove different medium, unable to be seen?

Tis this so for all?

Is it, we look with wrong eyes,

Or look in the wrong way?

To take the ‘H’s and split them from each other and from the lover, ‘O’,

Do not be deceived that the ‘H’ is less a ‘H’ for being so.

Tis the same for the ‘O’.

For does not man (or woman) individually behave differently,

Than when collectively they roam?

Are they, individually, less for being so?

Is woman not a woman without a partner?

And man? Is he not a man?

And any other, are they not perfect as they are?

Yet, interaction changes the display upon their face,

And does so variate their behaviour.

Combined, a cake is different from the individual parts that make it whole;

The individual parts can cease to be seen,

Yet do not cease to exist.

Or have they ever existed?

Does mind and matter interact and play,

In their dance, as ‘H’ with the ‘O’ does.

Yet, individually, they still are.

Are they, that they are?

Doth the jellyfish think, therefore it is?