Your Hate Annoys Me

We all have that group of friends (or just one friend), the ones who find fault with everything. If it doesn’t annoy them now, just wait a while. It might be as quick as ten minutes later or it might just be a year later. They complain as if life has given them the finger, even though they are rolling in pools of money, a la Scrooge McDuck.

You have a person in mind right now, that I can guarantee. Their last Facebook post going through your mind and you’re already wrinkling your nose in disgust. To them, this is the last straw.

Remember that social experiment Facebook unknowingly did on us? Well, I did my own one. Each and every time someone just complained, I liked it. So after a while, I just had people who had a negative impact on society filled my timeline. I got over Facebook quite quickly, I didn’t check it every five minutes, it now takes time before I hit the refresh button. That’s how much they annoy me. I would definitely recommend this to break your Facebook habits.

I have one question to those who carry on posting these negative, hate-filled posts on Facebook. Why do you do it? But this phenomena is not only seen on Facebook, it is also seen on Twitter, however there you have the option to pick and choose if you really want to see it. If I want to put myself in a bad mood I just search whatever phrase I can think of, such as ‘Westbro Baptist’ and my blood pressure reaches new heights. However, this is not only found online. It is also found in real life.

The real life situation people often sugarcoat their negativity. It could come in different forms, such as: “Did you see that cute cake that xyz got for their kid’s 1st birthday? I can’t believe they allowed them to eat from it!” Nothing for these people ever go right. They went on holiday? Oh it was a fantastic 14 days, but on day 15 they had a slight cold so the whole holiday was ruined. However, being stuck in a car with this person can make any optimist feel like death.

They are the dementors of real life. I often wonder how much they worm themselves into other people’s lives unknowingly? I have spent too much time on these people, wondering what they will hate next and just proclaim it to the world. You, the people who have everything, yet feel so much hate. Are you lonely or are you just unhappy with yourself? You’re not benefiting society, you’re just pleasing yourself. You seriously need to start looking after yourself. Because in the end you might just end up like Scrooge McDuck. Lonely, friendless and just unhappy with everything, even the throne you built yourself.

The rest of us will enjoy our time in the sun. Even though it might be too hot. We will bask in it, thinking on how much we missed it or that we need something to drink right now or we might dehydrate. Your hate annoys me, you see the silver lining of the cloud as a dirty outline. Do you have white couches in your lounge so that you rarely invite over people? There’s already too much happening in our lives that we just don’t have time for your hate. The world does not and will never revolve around you. I respect that you have an opinion, but enough is enough. You don’t like her hair? well don’t say it out loud. Your hate has not inspired anyone, it might just be the fuel that keeps this fire burning for some of us just to prove you wrong.

As Taylor Swift sang, “haters gonna hate”, I’m just going to drop the mic, walk off stage and find more like minded people. I have to however thank the following things: the ‘mute’, ‘unfollow’ and ‘unfriend’ buttons, the option to ignore phone calls and the ability to say enough is enough. Because I really don’t need you any more.

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