I can’t sleep

Quinn Stevenson — unsplash.com

I can’t sleep
My dreams toss and turn
The sheets tangle like the vines in some overgrown garden
suffocating the once curated plants
with their desire to grow and thrive

I never knew I was an anxious one
I thought I was a calm, cool dewdrop
waiting on a lotus petal 
for the afternoon sun to evaporate me
I thought I could become a cloud 
and learn how to float

It’s hard to see the labyrinth
when you’ve been wandering 
through it all your life 
until one day you find the Minotaur 
and realize it was you all along

While the visitors have strings and wings
I have hoofs and horns
Dreadful things not fit for the outside world
Who could love a half-breed
born of a spell with a penchant for gore?
Where would they understand?