Art Fair Philippines 2016: An Experience

Going to this art fair is yet another task given to us by our AESTHET professor. At this point, I actually am looking forward to going to places like this. All my expectations were exceeded as I saw different art works displayed before my very eyes.

The Paseo Gallery

The Paseo Gallery included the works of the artists mentioned above. It featured a little under 20 portraits that were grouped together as well as placed individually within the small space of the gallery.

I chose this as my gallery of choice because among all the galleries, this was the most relatable. This is so because in my opinion, most if not all of the works featured were all about us people.

The formation of life. Nothing was set in stone and everything was still a work in progress. We could either die and just be a sad memory of what could have been or we could have lived and became whatever what we would’ve wanted.

What makes us unique as people are our thoughts, actions, and feelings. These are what separates us from other things in our world as we have these complex yet beautiful way of expressing ourselves.

Death. Something that others crave and something that others never want to see. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain. Without it, life would be meaningless.

Exhibitions of Mark Justinani and Pamela Yan Santos

Both of these exhibitions were the most unique of the bunch. Mark Justiniani’s works were all very intriguing. It placed emphasis on chasing what is unknown as the illusions presented in his art made the viewer see something that was replicated but never concluded.

While with Pamela Yan Santos’ exhibition, people were not just able to view the art but they were also able to feel it. The artificial grass and decorated walls made people who went in the space feel very peaceful and cozy. So much so that my girlfriend and I stayed there for the longest duration compared to the time we spent in other galleries.

Seeing and feeling all of the art works in the art fair really made me appreciate art and artists better. The experience has taught me to look beyond what is seen. It is only in this way that we get to appreciate art transcending our physical senses. Really looking forward to going to more events like this in the future.

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