9 Essential Startup Roles

May 3, 2017 · 4 min read

By Bishnupriya, Content Team, G.C.I.E.D

In the modern world of digital entrepreneurship, startups play a crucial role to meet the market demands. Day by day, the number of startups are increasing and people are confused because everyone sell almost the same products with different approaches. Hence, it is very important for a startup to stand out to increase its revenue. In order to achieve this, the basic move in this direction is to have a well equipped team to build and work on the product idea. Let us find out who make a perfect startup team.

Following are few basic roles for the team members to play in a startup.

1. The Visionary
The person(s) whose product idea is built and worked upon. Plays an important role in leading the team to the end result and comes up with creative ideas. In other words, the think tank.

2. The Expert
The know-all. He/She is an expertise in the subject and has worked before in an industry or real life situations related to the subject. Understands the shortcomings and advantages of a particular facility, and suggests changes and improvements. In other words, the old wise man.

3. The Developer Team
The educated labour. They work to give the idea a shape and a form, and focus mainly on the technicality of the entire process. They work according to the Visionary’s idea and also come up with creative and more efficient processes.

4. The Website Ninja
The one who knows how to not just make websites, but design them to be more appealing and customer-friendly. Since, it is essential for the startup company to present their online portal so as to create a first impression , the ninja must take care that it is neat, attractive and clear.

5. The one with *Graphical Content*
Think no more, it is the designer, we are referring to. Since pictures and colors talk more than words, it is very important to have a graphical designer on board. Responsible for making the website look more appealing, awareness ads and posters and brochures for an audience with the help of images ,videos and smart designs.

6. Content Management
Voice box of a startup. They do the entire talking. They are responsible for creating a lucid medium between the startup and the the consumer market. It is important to have good content writers who have knowledge about the product they have to write about, like having a technical background, if it is an application and hence, know how to target the customers in the particular field.

7. The *Let’s talk business* person
The treasurer. Looks after the investments, looks for investors, makes budget plans after studying market trends and decides salaries of the team, after prediction of the revenue the startup will generate. Since startups take a high amount of financial risk when they newly enter the market, it is vital to have a financial advisor in the crew.

8. The Research Team
Looks up for better technologies prevalent in the market, fetches information, sorts and organises it and gives it to the various parts of the team working on the idea. Looks after the database, takes care of the networks and communication and also researches about outcomes of various possibilities. Without proper research, the product the startup launches, will be not upto the consumer demand, and it will easily be a flop, leading to a huge loss.

9. The Leader
Also the manager, usually the founder of the startup. Supervises and facilitates between various groups in the team, arranges funds, per se, gives the startup a space to work and grow. The central support, the leader is all the above roles in one person, most of the time. Without a leader, there is no motivation in the team, and hence the startup will collapse. Also recruits people to work for the startup.

Since startups are often started with a low budget-base, it will be beneficial for the founders to hire people who have multiple skills and can manage them professionally. For example:

1. The leader can be the visionary, the treasurer and also look after the public relations.

2. The expert can be a part of the developer team and contribute to it, and also research on more precise topics, saving more time.

3. The content management team can also look after the research , giving them a more informed opinion about writing optimized and marketable content.

After a thorough observation of the business trends in the startup world, the importance of a diverse and self sufficient team can be noted as follows:

1. Less budget to hire a founding team, to create better outputs and generate more profits.

2. More gains in a short period of time.

3. Increased team spirit motivating the team to work on effective methods and not waste resources.

So, if you want to create a startup and don’t know whom to recruit and what to look for, this article should have answered all your doubts. Good luck!

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