By Carl Jiang, VP of Quantitative Strategy, Global Currency Organization

Cryptocurrency has caused an upheaval in finance if for no other reason than to re-examine various financial instruments and consider their usefulness in a decentralized financial context. Financial instruments often evolve, but sometimes entirely new financial instruments are created. Derivatives were first traded in the 1970’s, leading to options, which are derivatives based on the value of a security (often stocks). Options derive their value from other assets, but time is also an essential factor, as the level of volatility of the underlying asset can change dramatically over time. …

by Joe Vellanikaran, CEO of Global Currency Organization

The revolution of decentralized finance (DeFi) is only just getting off the ground.

While blockchain and Bitcoin continue to attract attention, the current volatility of the market may still be scaring off some users. It’s within this volatile environment that stablecoins have tried to provide a rudder to the crypto markets. But even with many regulated stablecoins emerging on the scene, there remains a lack of mainstream adoption for DeFi products.

The problem hasn’t been a lack of great options or exciting technological developments in the blockchain space. Instead, there has simply…

The new stablecoin, USD Digital (USDD), is being launched by the Global Currency Organization (GCO), which plans to share revenue with a global network of institutional partners.

The Global Currency Organization (GCO) announced the release of USD Digital (“USDD”), a new US dollar-backed stablecoin. US dollars that back the stablecoin are held by a third-party trust company. GCO intends to share its revenues* with participating exchanges, wallet companies, and OTC desks. By opening up the stablecoin model to a global network of partners, GCO is focused on providing end users with more gateways to move between fiat and cryptocurrencies around the world. Applications to participate in the GCO network are open to all financial institutions, exchanges, and apps.

“We are excited to introduce a stablecoin that is…

Global Currency Organization (GCO)

The Global Currency Organization (GCO) utilizes blockchain technology to make institutional financial products available to all.

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