6 Reasons Why Setting Goals Is Important

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you have read an article, or heard somebody tell you that you need to set goals. However, hearing, reading and doing are all completely different things. Cliches and nagging aside, setting yourself goals is one of the fastest routes to happiness and establishing purpose in your life. With a goal set, you can plan your life, plan your day, and really feel good when you achieve a task you have set yourself.

In my work as a life coach in Glasgow, I help people every day to identify and set goals, and to work towards achieving them. In this article I’ll look at the six reasons goal setting is so important.

1. Turn Mountains Into Hills

Are you setting yourself goals that seem too big, or which seem impossible to complete? It’s easy to feel discouraged, and the trick is to break your big goal down into manageable chunks whilst still keeping the big goal in sight. Planning for these smaller, and easier to attain milestones will help you to stay motivated and move forward.

2. Believe In Yourself

Another reason to set goals is that they help us to believe in ourselves. Working towards a goal gives us purpose, and hitting those smaller milestones we discussed earlier helps us to feel happy and accomplished. Your dreams aren’t just vague notions — they can be achieved.

3. Goals Propel You Forward

Ever feel you are plodding along from day to day? Try writing a set date down for your goals and heading towards that date. In doing so you’ll have more focus, and a moment in time when you expect to achieve your goal.

4. Goals Help You To Define What You Want

Whether you want to save for a holiday, win promotion at work or buy that new dream car, having a goal can really help to define your wishes and dreams, and put something tangible together with those emotions and thoughts. Really visualise what you want and see yourself achieving just that. Positive thinking can do so much.

5. Goals Help You To Live Life To The Max

When you focus on setting some goals for yourself, you gear your life towards getting the most from every moment. You need to work for what you want, but in doing so you’ll achieve more happiness, a sense of achievement and become a shining example to others in the process.

Life coaching in Glasgow is the first step to defining your goals, and working towards a brighter, more fulfilled future. Book your first consultation today to begin.

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