When To Call In The Emergency Plumbers

Just like other household problems, there are some plumbing issues that can wait and some that need immediate attention. In the case of a serious plumbing issue, it’s reassuring to know that you have reliable emergency plumbers in East Kilbride on standby in the form of Easi-Plumb. We offer our services across the region, and we get to you fast. What’s more, there is no call out charge, and we offer fixed prices for our work.

But when do you call in an emergency plumber? Here we’ll take a look at some of the most common emergency situations that can arise in the home.

1. Burst Pipe

A burst pipe will need immediate attention in order to prevent severe damage being caused to your property. Burst pipes usually happen during the winter months when pipes can fall victim to freezing temperatures. Our plumbers in East Kilbride can attend to burst pipes whenever they happen, shutting off the water (if you haven’t already done this yourself), and attending to the problem.

2. Blocked Toilet

Few plumbing problems are more unpleasant than an unblocked toilet, especially if sewage and other nasties have started to make an appearance. You may have tried a plunger, a plastic bag on the end of a mop (this really does work in some cases!), and flushing repeatedly (we don’t recommend this as it will make the water level rise), all to no avail. Usually in these instances, the blockage exists further along in your system and will need professional help. We’re confident that we’ll have your toilet flowing freely and your blockage cleared in no time, so call us the moment you experience a problem of this nature.

3. Blocked Drains

A blocked drain is another problem that usually requires emergency attention. Blockages can occur out of the blue, and can be a real headache if not dealt with right away, especially during the summer months. We tackle these problems with our special high pressure jet systems, blasting away debris and other material that may be causing the blockage. The result is a drain that is clean, clear and left performing at its best.

4. Heating System Failure

When your heating system breaks down, you’ll want to get it fixed and fast! Even in the summer you need hot water, and our plumbers in East Kilbride operate around the clock throughout the year, offering professional heating repairs you can trust. We are on the Gas Safe Register and have worked with all makes and models of boiler. Call us the moment you experience a problem.

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