Vote On Clinton vs Trump With Google Forms

On November 8th, 2016 thousands of voters will flock to the polls in one of the most controversial elections in history. But why wait until then to cast your ballot? You can vote right here on GCritic with Google Forms.

This poll was created in about 60 seconds on Google Forms, which allows you to create unbiased surveys among your readers and customers. Need to collect emails for a newsletter? Google Forms does that.

Forms has tons of other uses, too. Planning a family vacation? Set up a survey to find out where everyone wants to go. Create a pop quiz for your class. Manage event registrations. There are countless uses for you to try out.

Forms can be customized with your own logos and YouTube videos, as well. Once created, you can embed your forms into Google Sheets or on your website.

Plus, Google Forms are responsive, meaning they work on mobile devices. You can create, edit and respond to forms on your tablet, phone, computer and even your smart T.V.

Once your data is collected, you can organize it with charts and graphs or upload it to Google Sheets for further analysis.

As part of the Google Apps for Work suite, Forms lets you collaborate with others, too. You can let friends, classmates and co-workers edit your Forms and build additional surveys just like it.

So check out the Google Apps for Work suite to utilize Google Forms as part of your business or personal life. You’ll be glad you did.